AOWFmedia is a small, one-man business, operating out of Arizona. Having just been licensed in August of 2009 with the City of El Mirage it is taking it's first tentative steps toward the competitive world of webpage and graphic design. Currently their clientele pool is small, locally based, and tend to be small businesses themselves. Realizing its programming and design limits AOWFmedia specializes in working with small businesses, almost exclusively, who are looking to get their name and information out onto the world wide web in a professional and eye friendly manner. AOWFmedia considers itself a great startup utility for any small company looking to go online. A place to get "your feet wet" before you dive into a more costly web development project. Because as your company and needs grow AOWFmedia will continue to work with you in transferring your website and all relevant data to another website design firm, if necessary.


AOWFmedia's founder, Ben Duke, has been dabbling with webpage design since 1997. Having received no formal training or education as it pertains to website design most of what he knows is self-taught. He designs his websites using Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe Photoshop, and some limited CSS coding that he's picked up along the way. At times he may also employ the aid of colleagues in the visual information field. In short if he doesn't know how to get it done, if affordable to the client and himself, he'll find a way to get it done. Currently the majority of web and graphic design work that he's done has been for friends and family. You can check the companies Portfolio for a sampling for his work. A sampling he hopes will grow as time passes.


In short AOWFmedia's overall goal is to provide its clients with the best support it can. Realizing that many of its clients may have very limited to no knowledge of how a webpage actually works or goes together AOWFmedia wants to help them take those first steps online. Whether you're purchasing a one-page ad or a twenty-page website we want you to feel comfortable and at ease with your decision. Your trust and satisfaction is of up most importance to us. Not just trust and satisfaction in how you are treated, but also in how your company is portrayed on the world wide web. Thank you for considering us.