aowf histories

Over the course of time we'll slowly gather and post anything from the AOWF's past that we find of any real significance. Our aim is to eventually present everyone with a true history of the AOWF from beginning to present, but that's a project that'll require a lot of time and dedication.

Still we have a title history section up so you can trace the lineage of the AOWF titles back to their roots, and other things will come...when we think of them...For now though enjoy what we're giving you.

title histories

Title Histories

As the above indicates this link will take you to a page with the Histories of the AOWF Titles. It's as accurate as we could get it... barring a few dates when the titles were vacated.

greatest matches


Greatest Matches

Currently our list of greatest matches is somewhat small, but the AOWF Staff is always willing to accept submissions for consideration into the "Greatest Matches" section.

hall of fame

The AOWF Hall of Fame

Since it's inception in March of 1998 the AOWF Community has had many wrestlers, tag-teams, federations and stables pass through its squared circle. Many of these entities are forgettable, some are remembered quite fondly and then there are those very special few who have made such an impact on the AOWF Community that they've earned themselves a special place in the AOWF.

history of the community

History of the Community

This link is currently dead, and I won't lie... it'll probably be dead for some time. Considering the AOWF Community really started up back in September of 1997 the history is vast and very time consuming. Our hopes are that when we start to receive Individual Histories we can use those to better piece together the History of the Community.