aowf information

The Alliance of Wrestling Federations became a reality in the spring of '98. At the time it was to be nothing more then a yearly meeting of at least four federations whose wrestlers would battle it out in a gala event. It has since then closed, re-opened, closed, re-opened, and then closed to re-open again... each time making changes to its overall format and function.

Over these last several years the AOWF Community has primarily been run and maintained by co-founders Ben Duke and Matt Leistikow. However, if not for the help, inspiration, and guidance of the AOWF's many supporters, fed-heads, and fans its many successes and continued incarnations would never have been possible. I would start listing names here but I'd undoubtedly forget someone and in doing such hurt their feelings. So I'll leave it at this: you know who you are, and thank you.

With the AOWF now in its fourth incarnation it strives once more to create a strong network of handlers and federations. While also bringing you the best possible e-fed environment you can find on the world wide web.

what are the rules?

Glad you asked, because they are important, and they can be found here: rules.

why are there no regular cards on the aowf homepage?

Because we are not an e-wrestling federation. We are the umbrella site for all our federations. This is perhaps one of the most important things for anyone to know about us. We don't have a normal weekly card. Instead all AOWF Title defenses take place at AOWF federation events or special AOWF sponsored independent events.

what is this "Community" I keep hearing about?

The "Community" is what the AOWF is all about. It's about bringing federations together, and having them compete against one another in giant and spectacular events. Of course this competition should only exist within the in-character (IC) world, and never out of character (OOC). OOC wise the AOWF community is suppose to provide it's handlers with a safe, friendly, and healthy environment from where to participate in e-wrestling. In-character wise it's suppose to be treated as a giant wrestling organization whose wrestlers are the cream of the crop and are fighting to prove that their federation is superior to all the others within the AOWF Community.

what are these independent aowf events and when do they occur?

Simple enough question, with a simple enough answer. Below you'll find a line up of just three of the types of AOWF Independent Events that have taken place in the AOWF:

Fall From Grace: This event has been around since before the AOWF was formed. The major trademark of this match is the Fall From Grace match itself. This is a retirement match usually, but not always, involving a member of the Fatal Charms and his or her opponent of choice. This event use to host an AOWF World Heavyweight and AOWF Television Title match.

Night of Armageddon: This is second oldest event within the AOWF Community. This event use to host an AOWF King o' Extreme and AOWF Television Title match. In previous years it was the staple event for a stable that called itself the Masters of Armageddon.

A Farewell To Arms: One of the more recent events in AOWF history. This event was to host an AOWF Tag-Team, AOWF Intercontinental Title, and AOWF Television Title match.

In previous incarnations of the AOWF Community there were also four massive Community Events entitled: AOWF I, AOWF II, AOWF III, and AOWF IV. These were four to five day events that brought together ALL of the current AOWF Federations to see the AOWF Championships defended and see a lot of cross federation action.

Currently there are no annual independent events set up within the AOWF Community.

how do I get my federation into the aowf?

First off read the rules. Then read them again for good measure - they're important you know. Once you're done that, go fill out an application form. The executive board will review your application and your federation. If we feel you're up to snuff for entrance into the community, then we'll let you know within a week (unless we all happen to be on vacation for that week). Normally we're not too strict, provided you show a true interest in the community.