Welcome to another year with the M.o.A, and yet another Night of Armageddon. An event where the villains are cheered, and the heroes are booed. In fact it's an event created specifically to showcase the M.o.A. To say the cards are in their favor is an under statement...they stacked the deck.

  And yet regardless of the circumstances, on this night, there are still those brave enough, of non-M.o.A status, who take their chances every year to participate at this event. For it's said to shame the M.o.A in their own house is perhaps the deepest mark you can place upon them. And for many that's all the reason they need to risk life and limb.

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NoA 4 POSTED 11.02
NoA 4 CARD 10.04
NoA 4 CARD 10.01