Pioneer Wrestling Association

Live: August 23rd 2020
From: Outside Las Vegas, Nevada

The Night We Came Home

For the first time in half a decade the PWA begins it’s broadcast on its American partner Starz and Canadian counterpart the Super Channel. A lot has changed in the past five years not just for the former stars of the PWA but for the world. It’s a flagship event held normally in Las Vegas, Nevada however due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the PWA’s seriousness effort for a safe enviroment for talent and fans a like we open on a desert setting where a PWA ring has been constructed surrounded by solid grey guardrails and plexi-glass standing 6 feet off the top of the guardrails. Off to the right of th entrance way is a tractor trailer built complex of dressing rooms and 53' foot trailers for production. The ADCTron sits above the entrance way and lights up with the PWA High Stakes logo as “Sin City” by AC/DC begins to play.

(Diamonds and dust, Poor man last, Rich man first, Lamborghini's, caviar, Dry martini's, Shangri-La)
Shots of Matt Stone facing off against Simon Kalis play from their High Stakes Last Man Standing Match for the PWA Intercontinental Championship.

(I got a burnin' feelin', Deep inside of me, It's a yearning, But I'm going to set it free)
Shots of Emperor Ian being awarded the PWA Grizzly Beer title in his three way High Stakes Match against PWA legends The Kumquat Kid as Cahmelion walks up the ramp dejected.

(I'm goin' in, To sin city, I'm gonna win, In sin city, Where the lights are bright, Do the town tonight, I wanna win, In sin city)
More shots from the previous High Stakes pay per views flash across the ADCtron as pyros explode up out of the ring posts getting a pop from the 250 people crowd. The camera pans around showing the people wearing masks some even in the style of their favourite PWA stars. The camera stops among two very familiar men who are lucky to have their jobs back. Who else would hire them?

Brian Rentfro: Welcome to High Stakes and the triumphant return of the Pioneer Wrestling Association!!!!! I am Brian Rentfro and as always What’s His Face McDaniel! How you been, What’s His Face?

Jon McDaniel: I immediately regret signing that contract. It’s Jon McDaniel: here and I can’t believe we are back Brian!

Brian Rentfro: Me either! When I got the call I was selling 10 dollar hand jo- - - -

Jon McDaniel: Brian! Anyways! Yes we are back and couldn’t be happier!!!! of course management looks a bit different.

Brian Rentfro: yeah no Jew hating anti-semetics around!

Jon McDaniel:Nor Chamelion’s placing belts on themselves eitber!

No sooner are the words said “ How Could I Just Kill A Man” by Rage Against The Machine begins to blare in the desert setting outside the neon city that can be seen in the not so far distance. The crowd gives a pop as Tamika Kalis and Meghan Kelser, the Cowgirls From Hell, step out side by side on PWA television for the first time in almost 7 years. They both sport black PWA crop tops, in black wrestling tights, and old school knee white boots with black laces as they stand on the stage breathing it all in.

Brian Rentfro: Speak of the devil here come our new bosses! Who the hell would’ve thought our new overlords could be so damn sexy!

Jon McDaniel:: Both you and I witnessed their historic rise and fall here in the PWA, Brian. If there is any two willing people to make this work it is the Strader sisters!

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the Co-Owners of the PWA! They are Tamika Kalis and Meghan Kelser.... the COWGIRLS FROM HELLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!

The fans pop as the sisters raises their fists in the air sporting their family inherited sneer. Meghan and Tamika have reached the ring and Meghan sits down on the middle rope and lifts the top rope for her little sister to step through. Tamika takes two microphones from ring announcer Eric Emerson and hands one off to her sister. Meghan is the first to speak as the music dies down.

Meghan Kelser: You know a few months back when Tamika first approached me about buying a controlling interest in the company I asked if Chamelion was involved and thankfully for all of us involved the response was “no he isn’t” and those words have never sounded sweeter.

Tamika Kalis: That’s right, under our banner and our vision for the PWA we will allow for fair growth. We won’t be declaring ourselves tag team champions or anything like that. Or injecting ourselves in title matches.

Meghan Kelser: In our fairness comes an expectation of showing and putting on the best damn match you possibly can. Entertain the loyal fans that helped champion this return to arms.

Tamika Kalis: We promise to not only give the fans a safe place to enjoy their favourite past time but a environment that allows for the talent to be safe and do their job of entertaining the masses. We come from a long proud line of wrestlers like our father, who we will face off against tonight, and show why the PWA is back and better than ever!

Meghan Kelser: Unfortunately tonight the ceremony planned to honour Sirus Moran and The Phoenix have been postponed to a future date that will announced in the near future. So what we plan is to replay a few select matches.

Tamika Kalis: But first, we have a show to kick off and my sister here really wants to get started!

Meghan Kelser: It’s a moment I have waited for a long time. Let’s get this party going. Come on old man, get your ass out here!

Cowboys From Hell versus Cowgirls From Hell
Tag Team Standard Match
Time Limit: 30 Minutes

“Cowboys From Hell” by Pantera begins to play as the Strader girls stand in the ring waiting for their father come out with his mystery partner. In the distance you can hear the Screaming Eagle tail pipes of Harley Davidson’s getting closer. The sisters turn around as do the fans as three motorcycles come roaring around the crowd.

Jon McDaniel: That’s the Scott Nash Strader I remember.

Brian Rentfro: What obnoxious and trying to show how big his dick is?

Jon McDaniel: I thought you liked him?

Brian Rentfro: I’m fickle, What’s His Face.

Jon McDaniel: Shit stain.

We can’t see one of Scott’s companions because of their full face shield helmet and the other is his red headed spit fire wife, Amy Lee Straten-Strader but Scott being the ass he is rides around the back and up onto the stage alone without the other two bikers. He calls from the back for a microphone as the music stopes

SNS: I swore that cluster fuck of a match the evil Jew hater booked was my last PWA match but my lovely daughters feel the need to take me down a notch. Girls, you paved your way. You made your names your own, hell you have even dropped the Nash Strader. You own a controlling interest in this legendary company yet that’s not enough.

Meghan Kelser: Hold up, old man. Where the hell is Hartman? Or is it Uncle Payton? Is Duff under the ring? Or is it the coward wearing a full face shield helmet?

The head of the Strader family chuckles pointing at his daughter nodding mouthing the words ‘good one”

SNS: My partner is slightly delayed. You know, Covid-19 shit.

Scott fires his bike up as the Pantera song starts up again, and rolls on down to the ring. He kicks out his kickstand and enters the ring stepping over the top rope. Strader extends his hand in respect and Tamika responds favorably, and both shake each others hands to the cheers of the crowd. Strader and Tamika back up from each other and then both charge forward. Tamika grabs onto Strader by his shoulders and leapfrogs over him grabbing onto the back of his head and dropping him down with a reverse neckbreaker. Strader is up immediately to her surprise and lands a devastating superkick to the youngest kid sending her bouncing off the canvas. Strader picks her up by the hair and whips her into the corner. She stumbles forward and then hits a spinning mule kick on an unsuspecting Scott Nash Strader. She gets behind him and, using all her strength takes Strader down with a Russian Leg Sweep.

Jon McDaniel:: Tamika is a tough girl, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: Also sexy.

Jon McDaniel:: Also our boss.

Out of nowhere she lands an asai moonsault on Strader but Strader is quick to recover and he jumps to his feet. Strader goes to clothesline Tamika, but she ducks and kicks out his bionic knees from under him. She grabs him by the hair and slams him to the canvas as she then tags in her sister Meghan. Meghan hops into the ring and immediately begins work dropping down with a guillotine leg drop on her old man. Strader throws her off of him and gets to his feet and arm drags her back to the canvas as he begins stomping down on her chest. Behind the refs vision Meghan punches Strader in the groin area causing him to stumble back as Strader complains to no avail. Meghan goes for a DDT but Strader reverses quickly and northern lights suplexes her to the canvas. Strader then jumps onto the top turn buckle and jumps off with a big elbow which Meghan avoids by rolling away.

Jon McDaniel:: Key awareness by MNS.

Brian Rentfro: You mean Kelser, right?

Jon McDaniel:: Hey, we called them MNS and TNS for years, this is new to me and you too, dick weed.

Both are back up and Meghan back rakes her father who stumbles forward as Meghan tags in Tamika. Strader doesn't even look back as he hits a reverse thrust kick into Tamika's face sending her to the canvas. He turns around and grabs her legs and places one foot forward and begins applying a sharpshooter to his youngest child. He locks the submission move in tightly and Tamika doesn't have the strength to move herself towards the ropes as he leans his 6'10 290 pounds into the submission.

Brian Rentfro: I thought the old bastard might take it easy on his daughters.

Jon McDaniel:: Every father wants the respect of their children even when they don’t deserve it. However trying to break one of his kids back doesn’t work in making that happen.

They get back up and the referee Scott Swindell is distracted by the silent entrance by Meghan’s estranged daughter, Victoria. Tamika taps her hand three times on the canvas but no one sees it. Strader lets go of the hold as Meghan goes to confront her daughter. Strader helps Tamika to her feet and in response she grabs Strader by the throat as he smiles and to the shock of everyone watching she gives him a kiss on the cheek before head butting him square to the forehead. Meghan's eyes show laughter but the quickly changes as Victoria has suddenly entered as Scott’s partner! Victoria grabs a shocked Meghan by the throat and tosses her over the top rope and jumps outside to continue the fight. Tamika knees her dad in the gut and then in the testicular region before hitting another Russian leg sweep to take the old bastard down.

Jon McDaniel:: What was that all about?

Brian Rentfro: Word from the back is Victoria is filling in for Scott’s missing Cowboy.

Jon McDaniel:: The bosses kid has sided with grandpa Strader? Oh boy.

Strader holds his back as Meghan rushes to the apron and gets tagged in by Tamika. Scott does the same and gets tagged in by his granddaughter and both of them meet in the middle of the ring now, legally. Mother and daughter. Victoria hits a quick German Suplex on Meghan taking her down and begins going to work by throwing a number of stiff rights and lefts to her face. She knees her in the gut and then rakes her eyes, pushing her off as she winces in pain not just physically but emotionally as her daughter looks down on her coldly.

Brian Rentfro: Who needs the Kardashians when we have this knuckle head family?

Jon McDaniel:: Well, at least it’s never boring over there in StraderLand.

Brian Rentfro: Is that like DisneyLand?

Jon McDaniel:: Kinda but instead of rides and attractions it’s watching Payton Strader drinking beer and Scott giving his kids daddy issues.

Meghan goes to get up by she is with punt kicked to the back of her head leaving her mother laid out cold. Tamika tries to rush in to stop a pin fall but is only greeted by a Superkick from her niece as Victoria then tags her grandpa back in.

Brian Rentfro: he’s not going to...

Jon McDaniel:: Holy shit he is Brian... holy shit he is.

The old bastard signals for The Memory Remains as he picks up his own flesh and blood and lays her out in th middle of the ring. Victoria stops and looks down at her Aunt Tamika and grabs her head and lifts it up for Tamika to open her eyes witnessing her father pinning her big sister. The referee drops for the count as the fans boo loudly from behind the safety of plexiglass.




Eric Emerson: And your winners via pin fall.... THE COWBOYS??? FROM HELL!!!!!

Jon McDaniel:: What a family, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: And look at that What’s His face! I think that younger one just cold clocked our new boss!

Scott and Victoria exit the ringside area as the Cowgirls begin stir in the ring. “Cowboys From Hell” blasts over the outdoor speakers as the fans boos are quite loud for a smaller intimate setting. The announcers sit stunned.

Jon McDaniel:: What I don’t get is why after all these years, after so many years why would a father do that to his own daughter? She just had twins with Thunderwolf just before Christmas! Her oldest daughter, who we just saw betray her, has sided with the Strader family Patriarch in SNS.

Brian Rentfro: The Queens of the PWA look mighty pissed off.

That they do as they get to their feet and begin their descent to the backstage area hoping their old man is gone.

Home is Where The Virus Is

Here we go. The camera fades in to a swanky, upscale trailer for one of the stars of High Stakes this evening. We are privy to someone already in the trailer, a somewhat familiar face. It is Alexia Engel, dressed in leggings, a cute retro top, and her hair back in a ponytail. She is on her phone, likely watching TikTok videos and scrolling through Instagram. Then she proceeds to take a selfie and post it to Instagram, probably.

In walks Matthew “Virus” Engel who is dressed in a Portugal. The Man t-shirt and Adidas shorts. Yes, we expect Portugal. The Man to ask Matt to stop wearing their shirts, but he will likely give zero fucks. Just before he sits down in the trailer, Alexia perks up.

Alexia Engel: You look absolutely terrible.

Matt pauses for a moment and then sits down. He looks down the aisle of the trailer to see his ring attire hanging up off the back of a door, cleaned and ready for him. He looks down at himself and then back at his daughter.

Matthew Engel: Trust me, I feel better than I look.

Alexia Engel: Thank Christ.

They both share a laugh. Matt looks over at his ring attire again and then back at the camera, knowing he is back in the limelight and on the airwaves again.

Alexia Engel: Did you see Scott’s thing?

Matthew Engel: Yeah, I heard him.

Alexia Engel: I don’t think he mentioned you.

Matthew Engel: Well, Scott has a great talent for saying a lot of words which don’t amount to anything.

Alexia Engel: Didn’t he almost kill you one time?

Matt looks over at his daughter and rolls his eyes a bit.

Matthew Engel: Who hasn’t tried to kill me at some point? And yet, here I am.

Alexia Engel: Fair point. I don’t think I have tried.

Matthew Engel: Not yet at least.

Alexia laughs and picks up her phone again to check what’s going on with her recent selfie. We are sure it’s blowing up just fine and giving the PWA the attention it needs for this jumpstart of a shit show. Our villain of the moment, Virus, is looking older these days. More gray, some more wrinkles, but still tan and looking in great shape. The Bermuda sun still agrees with him quite well.

Matthew Engel: You'd probably know this, does Anna still have a crush on me?

Alexia Engel: Are we in high school?

Matthew Engel: Forget I asked. I just miss her.

Alexia Engel: That's sweet, in a creepy random kind of way.

Matt shrugs his shoulders as Alexia continues to scroll through... just pick whatever social media site you like, she's on all of them. But Alexia perks up again with another question for Dad.

Alexia Engel: Where were you last weekend? I tried to get ahold of you. I had some more ideas about me getting more involved this go-around.

Matthew Engel: I was in Vermont to talk to one of their senators. And yeah, we’ll go over more about what you want to do in the next week or so.

Alexia Engel: Feeling the Bern?

Matthew Engel: Wrong Senator. He truly can’t be bought. The other one, however, is amenable and I’m being consulted to find his replacement.

Alexia puts her phone down and looks confused.

Alexia Engel: But he’s a Democrat.

Matthew Engel: His replacement won’t be.

Alexia’s eyes widened. But then she scoffed.

Alexia Engel: Fuck politics, honestly. But, I don’t know why you want to put another QAnon moron in public office.

Matthew Engel: Because I like to make money as much as I like to win. And you know I like to win.

Alexia Engel: Oh I’m well aware, you only brag about Marjorie Green winning her primary all the time now. Disgusting to be honest.

Matthew Engel: Like I said, I like to win.

Alexia picks her phone back up, with body language essentially just ignoring what her dad just said. Matt checks his phone and then puts it away, looking up to the camera.

Matthew Engel: Well, should we get this started then?

Alexia Engel: Any day now would be nice. And don’t make fun of Izzie.

Matthew Engel: I-I wasn’t planning on it. You know I’ve helped her out.

Alexia Engel: I know. I’m just protective.

Alexia grabs her bag and steps out of the trailer to let her Dad do his thing. Matt decides to stand up for this, walking over to his ring attire, and then turning around for the camera.

Matthew Engel: Yeah it’s been a long time. Sure, maybe it’s been only a few years since I’ve stepped in the ring, but much longer since I’ve stepped in front of a camera to lay the truth down again. And I’m sure Jamie and I at some point will have another match, properly, where I break his arm and his spirit Rob Robinson style.

Matthew Engel: So tonight, we have High Stakes. There was a time I was a winner at this event. I recall making Jethro say “I Quit” and retaining the World Championship. What a fucking match that was, to be honest. It’s gotta be top ten in PWA history of greatest matches ever, I would imagine. Not that I ever gave a damn about rankings. It’s a good segue because the last time Hunter Sullivan was in a PWA ring was when he beat, barely, Jethro Hayes. And maybe I’m wrong about that being the last time he was in a PWA ring. I couldn’t care less, I was just enjoying the coincidence.

Matt moves away from his dark green tuxedo ring attire taking a moment to crack his neck and focus a little more.

Matthew Engel: And let’s be real, that’s probably the first time I’ve said Hunter’s name in years. Of all the PWA veterans I imagine I would be facing at High Stakes, Hunter just didn’t work into that. It’s nothing really against him, I’m just completely indifferent towards him. He’s a good wrestler, solid on the mic, but he’s never been on my level. Never. There aren’t many that have been and certainly only a few of them are in this event fighting tonight. Also, am I the only one who thinks that Lisa Seldon and Matthew Engel would have been a much, much better headliner to bring the PWA back into relevance?

Matthew Engel: But I digress. Hunter, it’ll be good to get in the ring with you tonight. We can both shake off the rust and try not to get the ‘rona. I don’t doubt you’re going to bring the best you’ve got and while it won’t be enough to beat me, it’ll be enough to impress the world and show us that you’ve earned this spot against me at a PWA event. I don’t just come out of retirement for any reason. It turns out I’ve got unfinished business, a deep resolve to build on an already spectacular and legendary career. The kind of DNA I have as a professional wrestler wouldn’t really allow me to be completely content with what I have done and achieved, and beating Hunter’s face into oblivion to start off my 2020 return to the ring is going to be the first chapter of that unfinished business.

Matt sits back down for a moment and flips his Chris Evans/Captain America-style hair back, once more looking directly into the camera.

Matthew Engel: You know I got the call about the PWA’s return. I jumped on it, of course. I’ve kept in shape, even increased my conditioning and workouts knowing I’m coming back to the sport. But I know there’s no way to truly be ready for this until I’m through those ropes, that bell has rung, and Hunter Sullivan finds himself on the proper end of the Euthanasia. I’m not gonna sit here and bring up the past with you, Hunter, because we both know the matches we have had don’t translate to what’s going to happen tonight. Maybe it doesn’t sit well with you that you aren’t on my level. I’d fucking hope so, because how else are you going to find a way to will yourself to win? Don’t end up a boot stain tonight. That’s all I ask.

Matt was about to end it there, looking like he was going to stand up, but he lays back in the lovely accent chair he was sitting in.

Matthew Engel: As always, I do not forgive.

I do not forget.

Welcome back.

Jon McDaniel:: Typical Virus... sometimes it’s not good to see things haven’t changed! Up next we have a flashback match from High Stakes May 17th 2009!

Brian Rentfro: Smart programming to have a Grizzly Beer flashback precede a grizzly Beer drinking contest!

Jon McDaniel:: Gives our talented crew to set up at ringside!


Jacob Figgins vs Jonny Maverick
Grizzly Beer Contendership Match

"Hide your face forever Dream
and search forever"

A synthesized female voice hits the PA system as the intro of the song begins to kick in. The lights of the venue dim and gain a slight blue tint to them. Jacob Figgins pops out of the entrance ramp, his arms extended outwards in a crux pose. A decorative cane in his left hand.

Eric Emerson: “This match is a Barbed wire match, and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Kansas City, Missouri. The “Next Conspiracy. Jacob Figgins!!”

"Have you ever been for sale?
When your isms get smart
Oh so selfish and mindless
With that comment in your eye"

Figgins steps down from the stage and on to the ramp looking left and right to his "Figgified Nation" and playing to the fan base a bit. Once he finally makes it down the ring floor, his arms pop out in another crux pose before he hops into the ring.

The distorted guitar of 'Rise Above by Black Flag fills the arena as a spotlight with the Anarchy symbol searches about the arena before finally settling on the entranceway, Jonny Maverick steps out raising the shocker up to the audience who boos him loudly.

"Jealous cowards try to control
Rise above, we're gonna rise above
They distort what we say
Rise above, we're gonna rise above
Try and stop what we do
Rise above, we're gonna rise above
When they can't do it themselves
Rise above, we're gonna rise above."

Jonny sprints down the ramp to the ring, pumping his fist along to the music, the spotlight following him as he runs.

Eric Emerson: “And the opponent, from Washington D.C. Jonny Maverick!!!”

"We! Are tired! Of your! Abuse!
Try to stop us, it's no use!"

Jonny slides under the bottom rope and stands quickly, he makes sure to hit each corner so everyone gets a clear view of him giving him the finger.

"Society's arms of control
Rise above, we're gonna rise above
Think they're smart, can't think for themselves
Rise above, we're gonna rise above
Laugh at us behind our backs
Rise above, we're gonna rise above
I find satisfaction in what they lack
Rise above, we're gonna rise above"

Jonny jumps down from the turnbuckle, he smiles playfully as he dismisses the audiences hail of boos with a wanking motion. He casually leans in the corner, waiting for his opponent

Jacob sits in the northeast corner of the ring, making sure to avoid the barbed wire, while wringing his heavily taped hands together. The presence of Danny Daemon did unsettle him quite a bit, but his eyes remain fixed forward on his opponent, the very cocky Jonny Maverick. Maverick looks down upon his opponent, he figures this match is going to be a cake walk, thoughts of holding that Grizzly Beer championship already invading his mind. Referee Scott Swindell, wearing long sleeves and thick gloves to avoid being cut, looks over both men before pointing to the time keeper to start the match.


Upon the ringing of the bell, both men promenade to the center of the ring. In a very cocky fashion, Figgy extends his left hand for a handshake, Maverick refuses by flashing Figgins a very crude hand gesture, a middle finger to be exact. Figgins smirked and took a step back before raising his hand for a test of strength. Jonny accepts it and locks up in a knuckle lock with the Next Conspiracy. Figgy is the one to initiate the test by pushing the young upstart toward the barbed wire. Jonny manages to stop the voyage with about only a foot away from the barbed wire to spare. Jonny decided to push back, Figgy able to stop it just before touching the wire. Finally, Figgins begins to push back full force. Jonny stops the advance by placing his right foot on the bottom wire. Seeing as Figgy had weight on his side, Jonny throws off the hold. The two men stare down to give the fans some time to give a pop.

Jon McDaniel::” And both men are going out of their way to avoid the barbed wire.”

Brian Rentfro: ”Well duh, it hurts”

Both men lock up in a collar and elbow tie up, but Jonny breaks out of it and slips behind Figgy, taking him to the mat with a drop toe hold. Jonny quickly goes to weaken his opponent by applying a grounded front face lock. Figgy shoots up to a kneeling position but collapses to the mat as Jonny applies more pressure to the hold. Figgy goes for a different approach by grabbing the arm of Maverick and twisting his way out with an arm wringer. Both men roll to their feet, Jonny tries to draw first blood by charging forth and attempting to whip Figgins into the wire. But Figgy counters with a short arm lariat! Jonny falls to the mat from the impact of Figgy's forearm . Figgy quickly goes for the cover.

Jon McDaniel:: “ Figgy is going to have to do a little bit more than that”

Brian Rentfro: “ Break his Jaw!”

Obviously, it would take a whole lot more than that to keep good ol' Jonny down. Out of frustration, Figgins drops an elbow across the throat of Maverick. Pulling Jonny by the hair, Figgins pulls him to a sitting position and slips behind. Figgins grabs a hold of Maverick's arm and with his free arm begins to rain down elbows across where the left shoulder and neck meet. The elbows rained in rapid secession, Figgy was aiming for that neck.

Figgy finally ceases the assault, letting Maverick drop to the mat. Figgins initially wanted to go for the pin, but decides against it by pulling his opponent back to his feet. In a raged bull rush, Jonny pushed Figgins right into the northern row of barbed wire, the follow through of the push caused the bottom wire to snap and cling to the left leg of Figgins' tights. Figgins reverses the situation , causing the wire to wrap around the both of them. This back and fourth pushing continues until they make it the ring post and manage to become untangled. The bottom wire completely comes off from the ring post and lies in the ring. Seeing this, Jonny performs a drop toe hold on Figgins into the wire. But Figgins managed to stop his fall by grabbing it with his taped hands. While Figgy was avoiding a barbed wire crisis, Jonny decides to make a whole new one by grabbing the piece of loose wire and doubling it over. Once Figgy turns around, Jonny wields the weapon like a whip and brings it down upon Figgy's chest. The shirt of Figgins begins to form small tears from the wire, no blood, but he sure felt the sting.

Jon McDaniel:: “ Jonny is wailing on Figgins with that barbed wire.”

Brian Rentfro: “ That's gotta sting a little”

Figgy staggers back, getting away from Jonny and his weapon. But Figgins never likes being the one stuck in a defensive position. Figgins goes face to face once more with Jonny and momentarily distracts him with a rake to the eyes. Figgy slips behind him and lifts him up. Figgy takes a few steps forward and gets Maverick hung on the barbed wire. Maverick gasps, seeing as his twig and berries were laying right across the barbed wire. Figgy finds the loose bit of barbed wire on the mat and begins to wrap it around his heavily taped wrist and hand. Apparently, he had an idea to really open up his opponent. Figgy goes to the ring post nearest Jonny and climbs the barbed wire. He leaps off and extends his arm with the barbed wire gauntlet, he drives the arm into the chest of the hurting Maverick with a LARIATOOOO!!!

Jon McDaniel:: “And Jonny gets Leveled by that sick lariat”

Brian Rentfro: ”I'm really starting to get into this match”

Jonny’s 'Dead Kennedy’s' shirt had been split down the middle and he had a pretty good slash across his chest. He slumps onto the mat and lays there for a few moments and Figgy quickly tries to capitalize with a pin.
ONE!TWO! Kick out right at two!

Figgy grabs a handful of Jonny’s hair and picks him up to his feet. He backhands Jonny hard with the barbed-wire gauntlet! Jonny falls but quickly rolls under the bottom rope and out of the ring, the cameras show that he is discussing strategy with his manager, Danny. Jonny has a sizeable amount of blood coming out of his forehead after the backhand from Figgy, but his strategy discussion with Danny is cut short as Figgy comes slamming into both of them with a TOPE SUICIDA!!!

Jon McDaniel:: “Suicide Dive from Figgins takes his opponent out, along with Danny”

Brian Rentfro: “ He's going to regret doing that one day”

All three men lay outside in a huge pile for a few moments before Figgy starts to get to his feet. He grabs Jonny by the back of the head as he stands and tries to throw him face first into the ropes but NO! Jonny puts his hands on the apron and stops himself before his face connects with the barbed-wire ring ropes. Jonny quickly turns around and hits Figgy with an OF,MF!!! Jonny successfully hits Figgy in the face with an open-palm to the face, then grabs Figgy by the back of the head and throws him face first into the barbed-wire ring ropes! Figgy gets a bit tangled up in the barbed-wire and Jonny quickly starts taking advantage and picks up a barbed-wire covered chair, then brings it smashing into the back of Figgy! He examines his handiwork and is angered when he sees it has yielded no blood and brings it smashing into his back again, finally drawing blood. Jonny decides to let Figgy struggle in the barbed-wire for a bit while he slides back into the ring... he starts carefully taking the barbed wire off of the chair and wrapping it around his thigh and knee.

Jon McDaniel:: ”Uh oh, Jonny is planning something that looks painful”

Brian Rentfro: “ Good thing we're not on the receiving end of whatever it is.”

Figgy finally manages to tear himself free of the barbed wire at the expense of most of his shirt. He rolls back into the ring and Jonny is waiting for him, the right leg of his shorts and his right kneepad covered in barbed wire. Jonny quickly locks Figgy in a collar and elbow tie up, but Figgy easily overpowers him and drives him back into the ropes and the audience gives a loud groan, but Jonny grits his teeth and starts fighting, he starts driving his barbed wire covered knee into Figgys chest! Figgy releases the hold and falls to a knee and Jonny quickly runs across the ring, then runs back and nails figgy in the face with a SHINING WIZARD THIGH KICK!!!!

Jon McDaniel:: ”OW! That HAD to cut him open”

Brian Rentfro: “Really? You think?”

Figgins rolls over, holding his face and trying to wipe the blood out of his eyes. Jonny smirks as he kneels down and pulls Figgins up to a seated position. Jonny grabs Figgy's face in an iron claw type fashion , but instead of squeezing his face, Jonny digs his nails in, trying to enlarge the cuts from the barbed wire . Figgy lets out a cry of pain from this, it appears he had found what he's looking for. Danny from ring side looks on, a smirk obvious upon his face, obviously proud of Jonny's work right now. Figgy, not in the mood for any fancy counters, goes for a plain and simple left hand to the gut. The first time did not seem to work, so the south paw begins to drill rapid shots to the gut until Jonny lets go.

Jon McDaniel::” Jonny is just being plain sadistic now”

Brian Rentfro: “That is what gets you through these types of matches “

With the wind knocked out of him, Jonny staggers back. Figgins pulls himself back to his feet, and decides to get a small measure of revenge. With his left hand, Figgins grabs Jonny by the hair his right forearm comes up and grind into Jonny’s fore head. The barbed wire wrapped around the forearm of Figgins digs deeply into Jonny's forehead, bloodying him even further. Finally having his fill of revenge, Figgins whips Jonny hard into the barbed wire. Jonny went into it back first, the back of his shirt caught, causing Jonny to have some slightly restricted movement. Seeing Jonny is stuck, Figgins smirks and charges forward, he lowers his shoulder and hits a SPEAR THROUGH THE MOTHER F*ING BARBED WIRE!!

Jon McDaniel:: ”OH MY GAWD”

Brian Rentfro: “Sellout...”

The barbed wire snapped from the force of the move, causing both men to spill outside the ring. Figgy hesitates too long and takes a sick spill on the head. Jonny Lands on his back and upon the barbed wire that was still caught on his shirt. Both men lay motionless for a few seconds, Scott Swindell goes outside the ring to check on them. He raises his hand to the time keeper about ready to tell him to end the match. But it seems both men read his mind and came back into reality, trying to roll back to their feet. Scott ceases his decision before it came into fruition. Figgy is the first to his feet, he takes Jonny, who was on one knee, and throws him hard into the announce table.

Jon McDaniel:: “Oh not again!”

Brian Rentfro: “Don't you do it, Figgy!”

Figgy goes to ring side, and ducks down under the apron for weapons. Figgy feels something prick his fingers and smirks. He takes hold of the object and pulls it out to reveal, a barbed wire covered board. He dives under the ring once more and pulls out a table. Once he got the table out, he set it up next to the ring, he then grabs the board and places it on the table. He has an idea to put Jonny down for good. But before he could go through with it, the back of his head gets Intimate with a steel chair. Figgins collapses to the floor, holding the back of his head. Jonny apparently forced the time keep out of his chair while Figgy was calculating his plan. Jonny waved Danny over, allowing his mentor to take a few shots at his long time rival. Danny smirks as he grabs a loose bit of barbed wire and tells Jonny to pull him up. Danny uses his new weapon almost like a mob hit man uses a piano wire, pressing it hard against Figgys throat. Figgins lets out a few gasps trying to find air to his lungs. Lacey finally gets involved in this match by thwacking Danny with a Kendo stick. Danny let go of Figgy after feeling the sharp pain in his back. Lacey chases Danny into the crowd by hitting him with the stick.

Jon McDaniel:: “How is Figgy going to go through the rest of this match?”

Brian Rentfro: ”Maybe Figgy shouldn't have made such enemies with the guy”

Before Figgy could even recover, Maverick smacks Figgins in the back with the chair. Figgins falls to the floor once more. Jonny begins to dissect for his finisher by bringing the chair down upon Figgins' right arm. Jonny pulls Figgins back to his feet to put his right arm into an arm wrench, to change it into THE PERFECT ARM BAR!!! Figgy had been bleeding profusely, took far too many spills, so he had no other choice but to tap. Scott Swindell gets to his feet and tells the time keeper to ring the bell.

Jon McDaniel:: ”Figgy Taps! It's over!”

Brian Rentfro: “ The Grizzly Beer champion better of watched this match, because that's his next title defense. “

Eric Emerson: “Here is your winner. Jonny Maverick!!”

Jonny finally lets go of the hold when he hears Eric Emerson making the announcement that he is the victor in this match. Jonny takes time to bask is his victory, by commanding Scott Swindell to raise his hand while he points to his raised arm in a cocky manner, just in
case someone didn't notice the victory

We fade back to our live broadcast.


Welcome to the Spider’s Web

“The Final Countdown” by Europe – a little louder than what you’ve already heard tonight…

It only lasts for a few seconds before the lights cut out and the music is replaced – “Renegade” by Styx then kicks up over the airwaves… it too cuts out… someone can be heard talking over a microphone.

???: No, no, that still isn’t right – let’s try that one more time.

The voice is unmistakable to the PWA faithful’s as flashing white lights strobe and pyros dance along the entrance ramp before a giant flashing tarantula comes to life over the ADC-tron. A familiar melody takes over as “Holy Diver” by Dio finally fires to life. A man in a pair of pearl white business slacks, black crocodile loafers; a silk, Gucci Hawaiian shirt, and pearl white suit jacket emerges from the entry way. The bearded silverfox takes it all in as the older fans in attendance raise to their feet.

Jon McDaniel:: Wow Brian, I didn’t expect to see this man tonight!

Brian Rentfro: Shit me neither... I owe him a little bit of money.

Jon McDaniel:: What’s a little bit of money?

Brian Rentfro: (Gulp) 15K, What’s His Face.

A single spotlight highlights his entrance – as Dalton “The Spider” Campbell makes his way down to the ring, soaking it all in. He reaches the end of the entry way and holds both arms out to the side, before spinning around in a circle. He takes his time ascending the stairs up and into the ring. He crosses between the top the middle rope and takes his place center stage. He calls for the music to be cut.

Dalton “The Spider” Campbell: Damn it feels good to be standing in the middle of one of these old things again.

He says, pointing at the ring around him. He smirks, making sure to pull his ponytail back into a tighter knot before proceeding.

Dalton “The Spider” Campbell: So it’s come to my attention that my old stomping grounds, The Pioneer Wrestling Association, is back in business once again. And never being one to squander a business opportunity, let it be known, that myself and my constituents over at Brink of Time Media have decided to take on a partnership with the fine folks here and bring to you a weekly televised product that will be aired on a multitude of networks, including our very own - accessible through Twitch, YouTube, DirectTV and our BRAND NEW streaming service BOT:TV – available to you next week, August 28th!

The fans eat it up – despite the lame sales pitch…

Dalton “The Spider” Campbell: For the low price of $7.99 – you too can relive history, with the entire catalogue of Magee Network content, including your favorite AOWF umbrella promotions such as Liberty, Unified, Victory, Continental, Justice, High Impact Competition and so many more, right at your finger-tips.

He pauses…

Dalton “The Spider” Campbell: …and while it may sound like I’m here just to promote a brand, my being here tonight goes a lot deeper than that. After my grand-daughter a third generation superstar, an amazing talent, a beautiful young lady, gave her feelings a little earlier this week – it really got me thinking. It awoke something within the depths of my soul – and it was simply the love that I have for this sport. Of this game. And… I want to talk about that for a minute.

He moves around the ring for a moment, collecting his thoughts – peering out to the stands to see two of his other grandchildren front and center.

Dalton “The Spider” Campbell: I toured the country, and the world for that matter, for many years – back when we were considered nothing more than mere a circus act. I did it for pocket change. I did it because it was something that I believed in. The thrill of combat, the feeling you get every time you pop out from the curtain, the love, the admiration, the sheer adrenaline rush that comes from being a wrestler. For every part of my soul that I gave, for every drop of blood that I bled, I can look back and say that it was worth it. That’s not just lip service to you fans, it’s truly a humbling feeling to look back on and process every now and again. It’s something that my family grew up in. It became a way of life for us…

He stops dead in his tracks.

Dalton “The Spider” Campbell: So why are so many of you letting it fail, now, when it needs you the most? Think about what it gave to you in your prime – and to just let it slip away like it’s nothing? Some of you couldn’t even be bothered to help promote this thing three weeks out… and I get it… you’ve got a life, COVID-19 is a real thing, you’ve got a family to raise… but why not give back to the sport that gave so much to you in the first place?!

Dalton looks to the heavens and then back down to Hannah and Chance, their mouths agape.

Dalton “The Spider” Campbell: My time has come and gone, I’m nothing more than an old man in a monkey suit trying to do business – but some of you, most of you – are in the prime of your life. I challenge you – Virus, Showtime, Phoenix, Sirus, Protean, Lisa – to come out here for one final run and give it your all. Help usher in a new generation. The same goes to those of you who aren’t even signed up to be a part of this – Corey Lazarus, Marcus Collins, Atticus Pike, Suukya, Teresa Quaranta, Anna Matthews - and even my own son Dustin “Thunderwolf” Kelser. I know you’ve got one last run in you, boy – I saw that fire in your eyes at Homecoming, so don’t even pretend like you ain’t got it in you.

He takes in one last deep breath before making his way over to the ropes – ready to exit.

Dalton “The Spider” Campbell: It’s time to pay it forward, folks. I’ve done my part, now you do yours. Don’t sleep on opportunity – because now’s your time to shine.

“Holy Diver” by Dio picks back up and just like that – he’s gone.

Jon McDaniel:: That’s quite a announcement! Not only are we on Starz here in the States and Super Channel in Canada we are also part of this immense network of wrestling! How cool!

Brian Rentfro: I hope he didn’t see me...

McDaniel shakes his head.

Jon McDaniel:: Well folks up next is a competition that normally isn’t seen on wrestling programs.

Brian Rentfro: Yes, who want’s to see two retired bloated PWA stars get rip roaring drunk?! THIS GUY!

Rentfro does the thumbs pointing down motioning to himself.

Jon McDaniel:: Well before we get to that, Brian, word from the back is Meghan Kelser is looking for someone! Let’s check it out!

Kids Say The Strangest Things

We cut to the makeshift backstage trailer area as the fans cheer - seeing the CBO, Meghan Kelser, knock on the door of a trailer with a sense of urgency on the ADCTron. Izzie McDee answers and is taken back by the sight of her step mother.

Meghan Kelser:Can I come in?

Izzie McDee: I suppose...

Izzie lets her come into the dressing room slash trailer and they both take a seat on a wooden bench propped against the wall. Meghan holds up her hand as Izzie was about to see something...

Meghan Kelser: Just let me talk... please.

McDee begrudgingly nods and folds her arms across her chest, waiting for the Cowgirl to talk.

Meghan Kelser: Listen, I know you aren’t the biggest fan of me. I mean I get it. I have had step mothers myself and they aren’t always that hot to trot. You know I have been around this business since I was 14 and first met your dad when I was 17 through my pop, right? Well anyways I really love your father, Sarah.

The Strader sister sighs.

Meghan Kelser: I know his history. I know who he is and he knows who I am. I never really had that with anyone until now. I love how vengeful he can be. How wise he can be. How loving he is with his children. You have beautiful twin siblings who would love to have you in their life, just as all your other brothers and sister do. Also... Tonight’s show? I didn’t book this card, Tamika did."

Izzie McDee: So you're telling me, straight up, this wasn't a ploy?

Meghan Kelser: No, it wasn't. However the thing is, and you pointed it out in your promo, Lisa has wiped the damn mat with every piece of talent that has walked out to that the ring to compete. Slaughtered them. Lisa Seldon and Simon Kalis will forever be the OP characters in your favourite video game and that’s just how the cookie crumbles. You got this match because it’s something new... Lisa has faced everyone and won from PWA past. I mean you talk a big game about the AOWF World title when you got what, a single match under your belt? Here is your chance to prove you belong in that conversation.

Meghan stands up and puts her right hand on Izzie’s shoulder.

Meghan Kelser: Tamika booked you because she knows what you are made of. Win or lose. You either win with dignity or lose with dignity. Tamika believes in you, I believe in you, and your dad does too.

The Chief Brand Officer and President of the PWA leaves Izzie McDee with a puzzled look on her face, letting it all sink in.

Jon McDaniel:: Meghan is right, this is a chance to show everyone what she can do with the one and only Lisa Seldon!

Brian Rentfro:"Oh man, imagine that scene on moms teach se----

Jon McDaniel:: Brian!

Brian Rentfro: (gulps) oh right. Family bonding. Etcetera etcetera. You are such a killjoy, What’s His Face.

Jon McDaniel:: Damnit my name is JON!

Brian Rentfro: Man you got sensitive.

Jacob ‘Protean’ Seldon versus Marcus ‘Showtime’ Ambrose
Grizzly Beer Drinking Competition

Jon McDaniel:: Well folks up next is a competition that normally isn’t seen on wrestling programs.

Brian Rentfro: Yes, who doesn’t want to see two retired bloated PWA stars get rip roaring drunk?! THIS GUY!

Rentfro does the thumbs pointing down motioning to himself.

Down at ringside, everything is set-up for something that they really wouldn’t have put up with back in the good old days. A ‘match’ that is actually a drinking contest. Two bar stools have been positioned in the middle of the ring, with an ice bucket of beer next to each. Long-suffering PWA referee Scott Swindell, the moderate voice of reason, is stood between the stools looking absolutely mortified as somebody’s forced him to put on a bright red novelty bartender uniform, complete with vest, bowtie, and apron.

Jon McDaniel:: Well, folks, I’m not really sure what to say about what you’re about to see. Two veterans of the sport are going to try to out-drink one another for our… ahem… entertainment.

Brian Rentfro: It’s definitely going to entertain me, Jon!

Jon McDaniel:: I’m sure it is. At this time we’d like to thank our sponsor, Grizzly Beer, and we’d like to remind the good people at home that just as you wouldn’t hit your cousin with a steel chair, you shouldn’t drink two dozen beers with him either.

Brian Rentfro: And you’re way more likely to do the first one if you’re already done the second one.

Jon McDaniel:: That’s right, so please drink responsibly, fans.

"You Know You're Right" by Nirvana blasts out over the p.a. and the fans are on their feet for Marcus “Showtime” Ambrose who makes his way down to the ring, title belt slung over one shoulder.

Jon McDaniel:: And here comes the AOWF World Champion…

Brian Rentfro: Not sure he’s too happy about taking part in this little competition.

Jon McDaniel:: Can you blame him?

Climbing into the ring, Showtime surveys the whole scene – bar stools, beers, and the costumed Swindell – and just shakes his head in disbelief. He hangs his title on the far turnbuckle and then takes a seat on one of the stools. Swindell hands him a microphone and gets a nod of thanks.

Jon McDaniel:: And now we’re just waiting for the man responsible for this nonsense…

"Make Yourself” by Incubus kicks up and Jacob Seldon makes his way down to ringside. No title belt for him, but a half empty bottle of Grizzly Beer in his hand and a cigarette hanging from his bottom lip. He needs a shave and a wash and the faded Liberty Wrestling Federation t-shirt he’s wearing needs one too. He pauses momentarily on his way down to woozily peer out at a couple of fans who are trying to get his attention before deciding to flip them off… which he clearly thinks is absolutely hilarious.

Brian Rentfro: Jacob looks like he’s already half cut going into this thing, so this should be fun.

Jon McDaniel:: If his recent activity on social media is anything to judge from, he’s been off the wagon for a while now.

Brian Rentfro: Hard to tell if that’s an advantage or disadvantage.

He reaches the ring and drains the beer before throwing it carelessly over his shoulder and rolling under the bottom rope. It takes him far too long to reach a standing position, a move which involves him dropping his cigarette and then burning himself with it as he tries to pick it up.

Brian Rentfro: I’m going to upgrade him from half cut to already actually wasted here, Jon.

Finally having made it up, he stumbles over to his waiting barstool and, mercifully, manages to get perched atop it without knocking it over. Swindell hands him his microphone, which he of course drops but eventually manages to get under control, and then takes up his own microphone to begin ‘officiating’.

Scott Swindell: Okay, gentlemen, let’s go over the rules of the contest…

Jacob barely lets him get started.

Jacob Seldon: You look sexy in that little outfit, Scott, are they going to let you take it home and wear it for your wife?

Ever the professional, Swindell ignores him completely.

Scott Swindell: Beside each of you is an ice bucket containing twelve bottles of Grizzy Beer. Every time I blow this whistle…

Jacob Seldon: They gave you a whistle too? This is the cutest shit ever. Whose idea was this anyway?

Showtime: Pretty sure it was yours, buddy.

Jacob belches and sways a little on his stool.

Jacob Seldon: Yeah… Yeah, does seem like something I’d come up with.

Swindell pushes on, safe in the knowledge that he will be demanding more money for this later.

Scott Swindell: Every time I blow this whistle, you will open and drin--… Jacob did you just open one of your beers?

Of course he did, and he’s now balancing both it and a microphone between his knees while he uses the same lighter he opened the bottle with to light another cigarette.

Scott Swindell: Nevermind. Every time I blow this whistle you will open and drink a beer. After every third beer, you will be asked to complete a test…

Jacob Seldon: No way did I come up with an idea that involves tests.

Scott Swindell: To complete a test that will establish your level of intoxication. If one of you fails a test, they lose the contest. If, at the end of four rounds of tests, we have no clear winner then a draw will be dec--…

Jacob Seldon: A draw? Fuck that. I say we go to sudden death.

Scott Swindell: A draw will be declared. And now, gentlemen, without further delay, let’s begin.

Swindell blows his whistle, which startles Jacob despite the fact he’s just been told to expect it. Showtime shakes his head and reaches down to crack open his first beer. Jacob is already half way through his, but Showtime drinks fast and after about two minutes Swindell blows his whistle again and they start in on a second one.

Brian Rentfro: So who do you like in this one, Jon?

Jon McDaniel:: I’m a wrestling commentator, Brian, this is just debauchery.

Brian Rentfro: You used to be more fun, you know that?

The second is downed and Jacob is opening the third before Swindell even has a chance to blow his whistle, but he does and Showtime matches the pace with relative ease.

Scott Swindell: Okay, gentlemen, that’s three beers down which means it’s time for our first test. It’s an old standard, but one that might catch you out…

He is looking quite pointedly at Jacob as he says this.

Scott Swindell: … Please could you recite the alphabet backwards.

Jacob Seldon: That’s fucking boring.

Showtime: Agreed.

Swindell shudders with annoyance.

Scott Swindell: Be that as it may, please proceed, gentlemen.

They get started in unison, but pretty quickly Jacob realises it’s going to be much easier to just cheat and say the letters a fraction of a second after Showtime, which annoys Swindell even more, but he decides to let it go – no doubt having made a mental note to demand twice as much money at this point. They get to ‘A’ for a small cheer from the fans, who really are very charitable.

Scott Swindell: Alright, you both managed to recite it correctly… sort of… so this first round is a draw.

Jacob Seldon: Sudden death!

Scott Swindell: No, now we move on to the next set of three beers.

He blows his whistle and they set off drinking again. The first goes down with ease and just a little gas. The second a little slower, but still pretty speedy. Showtime appears to be having an especially easy time downing his.

Brian Rentfro: Hang on a minute…

Jon McDaniel:: What?

Brian Rentfro: What’s Showtime drinking?

Jon McDaniel:: It should be a Grizzly Beer.

Brian Rentfro: His label is different from Jacob’s.

The camera zooms in on cue and sure enough Showtime’s beer has an unmistakeably lighter colour on the label and bares the notice, ‘Not More Than 0.5% ABV’.

Brian Rentfro: He’s drinking non-alcoholic beer! He must have arranged to switch them out before the contest.

Jon McDaniel:: Some very underhanded tactics by the AOWF World Champion here. I would normally be outraged, but frankly, this is already such a pathetic spectacle I’m beyond caring.

They polish off beer number six and Swindell leads them into the next test.

Scott Swindell: So, gentlemen, for our next test…

Jacob Seldon: Rock, paper, scissors!

Showtime: That’s a game, not a test, you idiot.

Jacob Seldon: You’re a test… icle, a testicle.

Showtime: Hilarious.

Scott Swindell: For our next test…

Jacob Seldon: …icle.

Scott Swindell: … we are going to ask you to mount and dismount a turnbuckle, without falling or slipping in the process. If you fall, you fail.

Showtime goes first and manages the climb up and dismount with obvious ease. He gets a sarcastic slow clap from Jacob who then makes his own attempt – cigarette still in his mouth, and looking decidedly unsteady. There is a collective in drawing of breath as he makes the upward climb, but somehow he makes it to the top, giving himself a little shout of appreciation as he does so. As he starts to dismount he quite obviously slips a little, but tries to cover it by simply jumping off the turnbuckle and landing on his feet on the canvas. Swindell looks over at Showtime who waves as if to say ‘just let him have it’, which he begrudgingly does.

Scott Swindell: Alright. So it’s still all tied after two rounds, and…

Jacob Seldon: Sudden death!

Jacob has staggered over to the ice bucket and is opening himself another beer.

Scott Swindell: … now we will have another three beers, before our next test.

The whistle is blown and they set off again – seven, eight. By this point, Jacob is looking extremely intoxicated. His hair is slick and stuck to his forehead and his eyes have a distinctly glazed look about them. It doesn’t make him any less chatty, sadly.

Jacob Seldon: Hey, hey Marcus!

Showtime: I’m still right here, you don’t need to yell.

Jacob Seldon: So you’re the fu--… *Belch*… You’re the fucking AOWF World Champion now, huh?

Showtime: Last time I checked, yeah.

He gestures over to the turnbuckle where his title belt is still hanging.

Jacob Seldon: That’s… that’s hilarious. I guess they fucking… they fucking FFG’d all the real guys, right?

Showtime: Not you.

Jacob looks genuinely confused for a minute.

Jacob Seldon: What?

Showtime: Nobody FFG’d you.

Jacob Seldon: Oh! Yeah. Well I… I fucking FFG’d myself, didn’t I?

Jacob gets a good laugh, albeit somewhat bitterly, at his own expense; Showtime looks at him with obvious pity. Swindell doesn’t seem to see the funny side either and blows his whistle extra hard to prompt them to drink beer number nine, which they do, and then it’s time for test number three. Can you believe people have actually paid for tickets and have to sit through this? Over at ringside, Jon McDaniel and Brian Rentfro have seemingly wandered off to get a snack.

Scott Swindell: For test number three we’re going back to a classic and we’re going to ask you both to stand on one leg and touch your nose with your index finger.

Unsurprisingly, Showtime pulls this off without difficulty. Jacob meanwhile resembles a man trying to walk a circus tight rope on a tricycle, swaying wildly on one leg and very nearly collapsing. The crowd, to their credit, get behind him and giving him claps and drums of encouragement. Somehow, some way, he manages to do it – to the disbelief of Swindell who would clearly very much like this long night to be over.

Scott Swindell: Okay. It’s still all even at this point and…

He pauses, anticipating Jacob’s interruption, but it doesn’t come. This isn’t due to any consideration, but to the fact that Jacob is busy trying to light himself another cigarette and keep his vision single at the same time. It’s non-stop tests for him at this point, really.

Scott Swindell: … so we move onto our fourth and final set of drinks.

The whistle is blown and they get down to it. After beer eleven there is a brief pause as Swindell checks if Jacob, who is now sat on the canvas and leaning against the legs of the barstool, is actually conscious… he shouldn’t have gotten so close and he gets a belch right in his face, which causes him to wretch and turn red with anger. Showtime has clearly had enough of the whole affair and has started playing with his phone. Nonetheless, they get through beer twelve and that means it’s almost done – nobody is happy about this than Swindell.

Scott Swindell: Alright! That’s it for the drinking. One final test and then…

Jacob Seldon: Su-uhn-deeeth.

Scott Swindell: What?

Showtime sighs.

Showtime: He said: sudden death.

Swindell is right at the end of his tether.

Scott Swindell: No. No sudden death. The final test is quite simple, I’m going to mark out a line with some tape across the middle of the ring and your job is to walk it.

This proves to be much easier said than done. First they have to move the bar stools and ice buckets, which Jacob suddenly decides to try and help with, resulting in ice going everywhere and everyone slipping and sliding. After about five minutes – I mean, really, if you paid PPV for this, ask for your money back, right? – Swindell is able to get a line down. Showtime does the walk while reading something on the Huffington Post, grabs his title belt, and then rolls out of the ring to take a quick call. Then it’s time for Jacob.

Jon McDaniel:: And we’re back, folks, let’s see what we’ve missed.

Brian Rentfro: Pretty sure Jacob’s fallen asleep here, Jon.

Jon McDaniel:: Oh for goodness sake.

Yes, indeed, Jacob has decided to take a quick nap, propped up like a broom in the corner. Seeing the finish line in sight, Swindell decides to be brave and try to wake him. Calling his name doesn’t work, a light shake doesn’t work, a not so light slap doesn’t work… so he gets close and blows his whistle very loud. Jacob’s eyes pop open.

Jacob Seldon: SUDDEN DEATH!

Before Swindell can reason with him, he’s rolled out under the bottom rope and reached under the ring apron to pull out a bottle of Jim Beam. Rolling back in, he pops the top and just starts to pour the bourbon down his throat. Swindell tries to intervene – the man’s a saint – and a scuffle ensues. Showtime watches bemused from ringside, with half an eye on Twitter.

Jon McDaniel:: Well, Brian, I think I can safely say this is the lowest point of my career.

Brian Rentfro: The lowest point of your career so far.

As if on cue, Jacob takes it lower. Just as Swindell manages to prize the bottle from his hands, his eyes roll back in his head and he lets loose a torrent of projectile beer vomit all over Swindell’s pants and shoes. The beleaguered referee looks down at this mess for a second and then yells out, “You alcoholic piece of shit!”, before barrelling into Jacob and sending the two men clattering across the canvas. They tussle for a minute, but drunk though he may be, Jacob is still a professional and it doesn’t take long for him to reach a top mount and start raining blows down on Swindell who is out cold pretty fast.

Jon McDaniel:: Somebody stop this!

Security and officials are pouring down the ramp towards the ring. They pass Showtime who is making his way back up the ramp, shaking his head and laughing to himself. Meanwhile, Jacob has grabbed Swindell by the collar and dragged him into the corner where he props him up in a sitting position and…

Jon McDaniel:: Oh no, no, no, no…

… starts to unbutton his fly.

Brian Rentfro: I don’t want to see this!

Neither do the good people at home and somebody in the post-production trailer earns their keep, as Jacob flops out a pixelated oblong. The crowd don’t have the luxury and there’s a loud but… uh… mixed reaction? Sadly no amount of post-production in the world could work fast enough to blur the acrid stream that Jacob lets loose all over poor, poor Swindell who, thankfully, is still unconscious. The ordeal lasts only a minute, as Jacob is tackled by security guards who pile on top of him and quickly work to preserve his dignity, before gathering him up and lifting him out of the ring and down to the floor below. The EMTs are checking on Swindell but nothing appears to be seriously hurt except his pride – which is surely comatose.

Jon McDaniel:: I think I’m going to give my notice, Brian, this is too much for me.

Brian Rentfro: Ah don’t worry about it, I’ll get you a beer.

Jon McDaniel:: No!

They carry Jacob up the ramp, drunken sailor posed and half delirious with booze. On the way up he repeatedly yells out what is possible “Pee-in-Ear Wrestling Association”, though he’s struggling with the word ‘Association’. Meanwhile, the fans give him the customary send-off:

# Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah #
# Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah #
# Hey-Hey #
# Goodbye #

And then, finally, thankfully, mercifully, the whole thing is over.

Daddy’s Little Girl

We cut backstage, more specifically to the outside of one of the makeshift locker room trailers – where Thunderwolf, dressed to the nines in a fine, slate gray business suit, makes his way over to his daughter – extending his hand. She hops around from foot to foot, stretching around in preparation for her match. The two quickly embrace from the handshake before she cracks her neck to the side. Thunderwolf looks her dead in the eyes. They don’t notice the camera off in the distance.

Thunderwolf: This is it princess, you’ve trained your whole life for this moment. Main Event City. Pioneer Wrestling Association. The spotlight squarely on your shoulders – it’s your time to shine. Corey, Cliff, Jeffery, Brandon, myself – we’re all beyond proud of you. The question is, now, are you ready to finally let all of that hard work payoff? Are you ready to go rock Lisa’s skull?

Sarah nods her head with a smirk.

Izzie McDee: I’ve never been more ready for anything in my life.

As confident as she came across – her stomach was in knots. In her mind, there was so much on the line tonight; a career could be made or broken based off of her showing. Thunderwolf notices it despite the outer shell.

Thunderwolf: Just remember, this is the first of many. This isn’t your Superbowl. This isn’t your game Seven. This isn’t your coup de grâce. This is just another match, so don’t let the nerves get to you. If you want to win, you’ve got to throw all of that to the back of your mind. Come out swinging. Never say die. Remember what Marcus said – any given night.

She nods – eyes of a child now looking back at her father.

Izzie McDee: Any given night.

The two bump both fists.

Izzie McDee: Are you coming out there with me?

Dustin Kelser pulls his head and neck backwards with a smile – he knew the question was coming.

Thunderwolf: I know what I said before – but this is your night, and I refuse to take any of that away from you. I’ll be waiting on just the other side of the curtain, like always. Go out there, give it your best, and just know I’m with you the whole way. We all are.

Thunderwolf runs a quick hand through her hair and gives her a reassuring pat on the cheek. The two go their separate ways for now and Sarah resumes her stretches. Ready now, more than ever.

Jon McDaniel:: That was so sweet. That must be what Meghan was referring with her talk with Izzie earlier.

Brian Rentfro: When did you become such a damn sissy, What’s His Face?

Hunter ‘The Viper’ Sullivan versus Matthew ‘Virus’ Engel
Standard Match
Time Limit: 20 Minutes

Jon McDaniel: Before we get started with our next action filled match folks, and it will be action packed! We actually have some words from one of our returning stars recorded earlier today. Lets take a look.

Jon McDaniel gestures to the camera and production sweeps in bringing the audience to Hunter Sullivan stood up against one of the palm trees found unfettered and sprouting naturally around the desert area venue. A backstage interviewer stands disheveled and breathing heavy.

LBM: Thank you for your time Hunter!

Hunter Sullivan: Yeah, sure man, no problem.

Sullivan casually takes a sip of his bottled water, a face mask griped around his throat, having just having moved the fabric away.

LBM: You're first match back in a PWA and it's a huge one! You've known now for a few weeks you're going to have to face an old opponent, Matthew Engel. My question to you is, where is your head at going into this match tonight. What message are you hoping these fans take home with them?

Hunter Sullivan: Well, it's like this really, Matthew Engel is a really talented and highly skilled a jack-ass.

A small pause as Sullivan adjusts his sunglasses to his brow.

Hunter Sullivan: So I guess to be completely honest with you, how have I been preparing? Well, I've been hitting more reps, I've been getting my steps in, and hell, I've been doing a lot of meditating too. One thing I've been thinking about, one thing I've Reeeeally been thinking about, is how will I be remembered? I'm serious. I've done a lot here in PWA, it's been one of the most important outlets for me. As my fans know I've been deep in my music these last few years, and they also know I've been an activist for women's equality, Black lives matter, and mental health. But, y'know, that's a bit inconsistent with the person these people have seen in the past. I've got a lot of sins man, a lot. These last few weeks, as this event started to become real and tangible, I've been shaping the man you will see tonight.

Sullivan bleeds genuine, taking another sip of his drink and pontificating his next words.

Hunter Sullivan: But that's really only part of it. I've been around a long time and I haven't really got my hands on that world championship belt. That's about to change. So many damn eyes are going to be on me tonight, on us as a brand. There on you, and they're going to be on everyone. The Strader's are taking a big chance here. Picking the middle of a pandemic to be the glorious comeback, it's risky man. This might not work. What i'm saying is I don't have all the time in the world. So what do I want them to take away from this match? I want them to know who PWA's next World Heavyweight Champion is. And frankly? I'm going to make Matthew cry like a little bitch to do it.

We snap back to ringside with the catchy afrobeats opening Sympathy of the devil.

Eric Emerson: Introducing now, hailing from Bailey's Bay, Bermuda...

Matthew Engel steps out from behind the curtains. He is in his usual dark green tuxedo.

Brian Rentfro: Looks like Sullivan lost his edge if you ask me!

Jon McDaniel:: The man I just seen looked like a man ready to step up. So if you ask me, I'm excited to see what Sullivan has to offer tonight.

The crowd gets on their feet giving Virus a Masters of Armageddon style jeers, and it's a very loud reaction. Engel begins to make his way down to the ring.

Eric Emerson: He stands a little over six feet tall and weighs in tonight at 242 pounds...

Jon McDaniel:: Interesting stats here tonight, Matthew and Sullivan both occupy the same weight class, Sullivan giving up about 15 pounds to the more dense Engel.

Engel remains focused on the ring, and reaches the steel steps. He ascends onto the apron, and climbs into the ring between the top and middle ropes.

Eric Emerson: He is a four time PWA World Champion... MATTHEW "VIRUS" ENGEL!!!

Brian Rentfro: hear that What’s His Face McDaniel, 4 time world champ. Hunter wishes he was that good.

Engel has removed his jacket, tie, and dress shirt, revealing his standard white undershirt. He begins to stretch in the ring and prepare himself for the match.

"Oh these are the most beautiful-est things I have never seen..."

A bass, distorted and twisted, is strummed with depravity.

"I will Sh*t on them!"

With such gaudy cacophony the entrance way illuminates with white rapidly flashing strobe-lights and smoke, The latter of which is propelled with such vehement ferocity you can hear it squeal through Owen McMahon's gnarling bass.

Jon McDaniel:: Remember we have a great match lined up for our main event with Lisa Seldon and Izzie Mcdee both prepped and ready for action! Stay tuned. But right now we have a potential sleeper match tonight. High work-rate wrestlers, have only met one on one in a handful of occasions, this being the first time in I believe nearly 10 years.

A timed drum fill precedes a guttural dissonant guitar and violent snare hits that embrace a sloppy but passionate performance. The energy is high as Sullivan vibrantly runs out from behind the pummeling smoke. A genuine excitement exudes from Hunters gesturing, pacing back and forth on the stage, engaging with the crowd.


Brian Rentfro: We really need to stop letting people pick their own entrance music, what in the hell is this noise!

Jon McDaniel:: Well Shitstain, it's not for me, but our fans certainly seem to be enjoying it. I believe this is one of Sullivan's own tracks. You can pick it up now on Spotify or Apple Music!

A kin to Sullivan's multitude of performances on bar stages and decks in front of passionate music fanatics, he returns the crowds energy here in PWA. Exuding the aura of rockstar, Hunter embraces the warm welcome with a broad and sincere smile. The former Viper descends the ramp in smooth motions, thanking fans and pointing at any sign along the way with his namesake. From ramp-way to matting, Sullivan jerks himself up onto the ring apron in a swift motion, stepping through the middle rope and embracing the ring.

Jon McDaniel:: Alright, folks at home the following match is the standard 20 minutes. We're going to get right into it here it seems. The ref not checking with both men for any unwelcome objects, can never be too careful, and if you're asking me I like my wrestling by the rules.

Brian Rentfro: If there isn't any rules, how you gonna break them?! Amirite?!

Sullivan paces back and forth antsy in juxtaposition to Engel's cool and dismissive demeanor.


The bell clatters and Sullivan is the quickest on pace, low with his arms active and ready. Engel scuffs and moves along the ropes, jaw jacking and smirking at the grappler. Eager to set the tempo Hunter corners Engel before lunging for limb. The virus switches on and dashes out of the corner, firing back with a fleshy chop, pushing Sullivan against the turnbuckle. Hunter sears in pain but bounces back, bursting out of the corner heaving Engel unsuspectingly up onto his shoulder and down with a wrestling style slam. The aggression stays stern and pointed as Hunter positions for a hook. Matthew is slimy and loose, rolling through and out of the ring with a quick escape. There's little to no breathing room however as Hunter is in pursuit. Engel swings around ring post and slides into the ring, turning on his heels stomping and cutting Sullivan off as he follows him back into the ring. The ref swiftly gets in-between the two competitors as Engel launches every cheap shot possible with Hunter trying to get his feet under him. Engel pushes back against the ref, looking to get his hands back on Sullivan, DRAGON SCREW! Hunter picks the approaching foot, using his amazing speed to capture and twist the leg on his competitor.

Jon McDaniel:: A slick Dragon Screw Brian! Sullivan's coming into this with more edge if anything. You still convinced about this new Viper?

Brian Rentfro: The match isn't over, Matthew fights smart, Matthew fights with his head.

Swiftly Hunter snaps forward with a quick knee drop to the hamstring, followed by positioning and an ankle hook. The Virus flails a few stray closed fists that the referee quickly chastises. The submission specialist however, keeps limb control while tucking his head and more importantly his face to avoid any straight shots to his nose. Engel jerks and changes his strikes to legal closed palms pestering the Viper. A pop and Sullivan transitions out of his position into the mount and heaving his weight and body mass over Engels upper body, grasping a headlock and controlling the problematic strikes. Grinding away and jerking with his muscles Engel's ears fold and twist in the grasp. Positioning is more available to Engel who pushes up and against Sullivan's body weight, gaining his footing. Hunter leverages his grip and grinds downward before SNAP SAITO SUPLEX! Hunter's upper back and neck spike the canvas!

Jon McDaniel:: A wicked response from Engel! however Matthew Engel is favoring his left leg just there a brief moment

Brian rentfro: What a ruthless approach to this match here folks. Sullivan's getting back to his feet folks and Engel can't catch the breather he needs right now with the pace Hunter has been setting. Making him breath Brian, he's making him push his weight, he's making him strug-WOW, Matthew with one of the cleanest Dropkicks in the business!

Brian Rentfro: Woo hooo, it's 4:20 somewhere and Engel was high in the air on that one. Clean like you said. Matthews is Mr. Clean and he's gonna end this match in a wash.

Hunter backs himself into the corner grasping his jaw, cautiously making his way to his feet. Matthews mocks his opponent non verbally, leaning into the opposite corner, yawning. Trying not to let it shake him Sullivan breaks out of the corner, Engel mirroring the action a bit slower and a bit more casually. They both however burst with equal aggression into a lock up. The Vipers height advantage helps him press forward, snapping to the side when Engel pushes back and clasps another grinding headlock, SAIT- no, Hunter scouts the suplex, hooking his foot and sinking his weight. Hunter makes himself an anchor grinding the headlock and frustrates Engel. Firing a few body shots into the slightly taller wrestler Engel makes his own advantage, pulling back into the ropes and firing Sullivan off and across the ring. Engel follows and drops to the matt, Hunter rebounding and jumping up and over the prone former champion. Back across the ring and Matthew is on the aggressive, catching the second rebound with a tight Hip-toss, no, Sullivan uses his momentum to slide through and deliver his own! Matt's not long down, quickly back to a vertical, only to be grasped, lifted and dropped with the inverted atomic drop! Engel sells with his face before being hooked and forced to the canvas on his back. TEXAS CLOVER LEAF! Matthews thrashes back and forth not letting Sullivan make the turn and the fans are starting to get into the contest.

Brian Rentfro: nonononon!

Jon McDaniel:: I know, you know, and most of all, Matthew Engel knows that if Sullivan can step this through it's curtains!

And the Virus does know, because he fires up a thumb to the eye! Scurrying away Hunter claws at his eye, staggering backwards towards the ropes. Engel easily dodges a few sloppy aimless blind haymakers before scoring another picture perfect drop kick, sending Sullivan through the second and third rope and ultimately tumbling to the thin matting on the outside. Engel bounces on his heels slightly, ignoring the tepid tingle in his knee. Back against the ropes and flying through the opposite side! TOPE SUICIDA! Sullivan who only just got to his feet, half blind, flies violently back against the guardrail and Plexiglas germ guard, knocking the whole structure over sloppily as the few nearby fans back up.

Brian Rentfro: That was just gross! Sullivan hit that guard rail with a sickening crash. Matthew could just pick his teeth with this man right now.

The ref immediately leaves the ring and checks the severity of the hit. Matthew shakes off his own bump, staggering on his leg a bit more noticeably as it seems he cracked it unnaturally against the ground. It doesn't pause his intentions as he grabs Hunter by his hair and sloppily pushes him against the ring apron and back into the ring. The Viper is loosely moving, staggering to his feet on his own once in the ring. Shaking off some of the impact Hunter starts to gather his balance, looking for his opponent. CROSS BODY! Engel from the top rope slams both men to the mat, hooking a high leg and putting all his weight on the chest. 2 count!

Jon McDaniel:: A real close call, but Hunter's body was at such a high angle with that pinning combination he was able to slip through it!

It's here the crowd really start to turn on Engel, jeering as the former champion fires a few unprotected closed fists into the groggy Sullivan. Hoisting him to his feet once again Engel clasps a wrist and pulls with all his upper body strength Hunter into the far buckle, hitting the ground himself from the velocity! Hunter slams chest first into the buckle! Not losing his feet though, Hunter staggers backward and turns around into a slicing chop that sears ears all around the venue. Agony plays a part in the face Sullivan makes, clasping his reddening chest, only to be forearmed across the collarbone. Wham! Engel drops to his back after an impressive retort, A huge boot to the face. Engel oozes embarrassment more than pain and scurries to his feet, hot. VIPER SNAP! NO! Engel aloof and only by inches side steps and stumbles. Completely caught off guard he doesn't even fully take his advantage and loses it as Hunter's back to his feet. VIPER SNA- this time Engel combat rolls out of the way, just as close of a call, Engel's heart is in his throat when he gets back to his feet! Hunter's blatant aggression challenges Engels cool demeanor and it's frustrating him. He's being disrespected.

Jon McDaniel:: Such vehement aggression. As my son once said, Hunter is just holding W. I don't know exactly what that means, but what I do know is he really shook Engel right here.

Sullivan's back to his feel in swift motions but the advantage is still in Engels hands, flying an angry boot into The Viper's stomach once he's gained his feet. DDT- No, Hunter thrusts forward tackling Engels back square in the turnbuckle! The ref quickly gets in and demands a break at the ropes. Timid Sullivan and Engel put their hands up slowly, making space between them cautiously. SLAP! Sullivan loses the spit in his mouth and staggers back, Engel snarling out of the corner with a gross sounding chop, another! Hunter backs up before Engel fires up another toe ki- DRAGON SCREW! The same leg as before! Engel lets out an uncharacteristic yelp as he grasps his knee! Sullivan smells blood in the water as Matthew grabs the second rope and pulls himself to his feet. A THIRD DRAGON SCREW! Hunter hits the second rope and springboards off! A violent knee to knee collision! the momentum flows him through a little but Hunter clutches the targeted leg and yanks the hamstring, and more importantly Engel closer to the center of the ring. Single Legged Boston Crab!

Brian Rentfro: Engel's fighting! He's fighting for those ropes!

Engel is fighting, in fact he's thrashing about, reaching for the closest rope, he's too far! To the left and those ropes are too far too! in this moment Engel's pain is only matched by his pride and his anger. Wrenching back Sullivan tries to ensure the finish, but Engel uses his leverage against him, picking and tripping the closest leg. Hunter stumbles his grip just enough for Engel to roll out of the ring and take a powder.

Jon McDaniel:: I don't know if Engel was anticipating this from Sullivan tonight, it's written all over his face.

Engel staggers along the outside of the ring, muttering and holding his leg.

"I'm done with this bullshit."

Jon McDaniel:: Wait, where is Engel going? Is he leaving?

Brian Rentfro: y'know what, Sullivan has been nothing but disrespectful all match. He doesn't need any of this today. It's hot out, there's some really ugly women over there yelling at him too, id get out of here if i were him. He doesn't have anything to prove to ANYONE.

Jon McDaniel:: What, this match is just getting going!

The ref looks quizzical as Engel flips the bird and turns his back, trying to hide his limp as best he can as he slowly starts heading towards gorilla. Fan's are indeed laying into the Virus as he shares the middle finger to them as well, scoffing them off. Hunter, on the other hand has his hands on his hips gawking at Matthew just walking away. The ref hits his 4 count when the fans really get rowdy. They do, however, pop rather loudly as Sullivan rolls out of the ring, taking chase.

Jon McDaniel:: Yeah, that's what i wanna see, go get him!

Sullivan grabs Matt by the arm and swings him around. Shoving him in the chest and staggering him back. The camera picks up The Vipers distaste, demanding to know what the hell he's doing!

"You're not worth my damn time."

With that guttural and dismissive response The Virus lands a kick square in Hunters nuts!

Jon McDaniel:: Now what the hell was that for!? That was completely uncalled for!

Engel gives one more blatant middle finger directly and maliciously to Sullivan who groans in pain over the clanging of the bell.

Eric Emerson: And the winner, by disqualification, HUNTER SULLIVAN!

The fans jeer over the announcement. The result doesn't matter.

Brian Rentfro: Hahahaha, He don't look like much of a winner from here does he? Bitch.

Jon McDaniel:: You think this is funny? This was a disgrace. We here at PWA pride ourselves in providing the best talent, the best matches. These fans were looking forward to this and Matthew Engel just spat in every one of their faces. I apologize folks for my broadcast partners lack of empathy here tonight and I sure and hell hope that the Straders are watching and something is done about this brash egotism! Ugh, what a damn shame. Anyways we have our final previously aired High Stakes match to show, and it is one of my personal favourites!


Matthew Engel (c) vs Jethro Hayes
'I Quit' Rules
World Title Match

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the main event. Tonight’s match, as voted by the fans, will be an ‘I QUIT!’ Match for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship of the World!! Introducing first, the challenger…

Colt Ford's special remake of this song for Jethro Hayes hits up in the arena's speakers. The youngest Grand Slam Champion in PWA history walks through the black curtain, he looks out to the crowd.

~Down the road where the black top ends, you can find Jethro Hayes with all his friends, we're used to gravel roads, and fishin' with cane poles, wasn't no swimmin' pools, jus swimmin' holes.~

Up on the screen a blacktop road begins to wind away in front of us and we travel along it as though we are in a car. Jethro holds his fisted right hand into the air and the crowd pops for. Jethro begins to walk down the ramp making sure to slap the hands of the fans along his way. Jethro goes from side to side because if they are going to respect him for what he is doing and how he is changed, he will respect them as well.

~We was dirt road poor, and cane switched raised, done came a long way since back in them days, been ‘round the world twice seen all fifty states, ate on thousand dollar china, but love sum paper plates , there aint nuthin wrong with them big city lights, but me, I prefer them slow country nights, where I can see the darkness come and then go~

Along the side of the ropes are buildings erected with the names of the Championships that he has won instead of typical names of businesses. Other such names include "Hall of Fame", "Wrestler of the Quarter", "Face of the Year", and many "Match of the Quarter" buildings are all along side the rode. He reaches the bottom of the ramp.

~Most folks is honest, and they all speak slow, you can leave your door open, aint nuttin' gunna happen, most country folks sing, but I couldn't, so im rappin, I wanna show yall where I come from, and invite yall all down to any country town~

The road winds through a small city, but the image of the very arena in which we are having the PWA show tonight comes into view around a corner. Jethro climbs the steps and is on the apron. He wipes his feet out of respect for the legends in this sport and the respect he has for this sport before stepping through the ropes.

(Chorus with Jon Michael Montgomery singing)
Now before I pack and things and leave, there's sumthin I need yall to understand, I seen alotta things in my life time, that's why I walk the line, I'm just a simple man, and I aint in the things for cheep thrills, but all my scars heel, so don't you ever cry for me, I aint ashamed where I'm from, you're always welcome, to take a ride through the country.

Eric Emerson: From Lenox, Georgia he stands at six feet seven inches, weighing in at three hundred and fifteen pounds... Jethro Hayes!

~Up, dressed, and gone by 5 am, he's country, and he's rappin' we gotta play him, folks been waitin for some one like me, to give ‘em some hot beats and spit that country~

Jethro hits the ropes, bouncing off to get the blood pumping a bit before his match. The blacktop road in front of us enters the arena's door and heads somewhere inside.

~His overalls don't sag, they fit, they kinda tight, got on a Jon Deere t-shirt, no nothin' but work. Daylight til dark, that's how I was bread, and I'll keep bein' country til the day I'm dead~

Jethro climbs the turnbuckle that faces the majority of the crowd, holding up his fisted right hand before pointing to them. Just in front of the blacktop road is a black curtain, we sit here waiting as though it is the end of our ride.

~See, country folks eat biscuits called cat heads, bar-b-q, baked beans, sweet tea, and white bread, we like to fish and hunt, aint scared of a fight, love the Good Lord and believe in doin' right,~

He drops down, rushing to the opposite side of the ring to climb up and point to that section of the crowd.

~Got 4-wheel drives, some got mud on ‘em, you can keep your rolls roice, cuz baby, we don't want 'em! So now yall all know exactly who I am, and if you aint into that, i don't give a damn!~

Jethro drops down, heading to the third corner and once again climbs up, pointing out to himself before he points to the crowd.

The chorus hits up again...

~Now before I pack my things and leave, there's sumthin I need yall to understand, I seen alotta things in my life time, that's why I walk the line, I'm just a simple man, and I aint in the things for cheep thrills, but all my scars heel, so don't you ever cry for me, I aint ashamed where I'm from, you're always welcome, take a ride through the country.~
Jethro climbs the final turnbuckle, and points to this section of the crowd.

~You might have seen me on your t.v, but honey, that don't mean a thing, you see, I'm still that same ‘ol country boy, and that's all I'll ever be, and sometime, those bright lights blind me, and make it hard for me to see, but when I need to be reminded, I take a ride through the country~

Jethro drops down, he heads to center ring where he looks down to gather his thoughts before the match.

~At about 5 o'clock on Friday afternoon, them country boys head down to the local saloon, you welcome to stop in and have a cold bottle, big city boys and stuck up super models, we don't care where ya from, as long as you polite, cuz push come to shove and every one of us will fight~

Even through the roar of the crowd, Jethro nods as he listens to the song and allows it to remind him of things in the past. It reminds him of the times he's been pushed around and how he will not let it happen anymore.

~We mostly easy like Sunday morning, ol' Colt came here to give yall fair warnin', country folks wont be pushed around, and theres some of us livin' in every town, we believe in the Bible, and the U.S.A, work hard for what you want, it's the American way, no body owe you nothin' supposed to earn your keep, but in a hard days work, get a good nights sleep,
I know some of yall think Colt's kinda odd, but I'm loud, proud and country by the grace of God!~

Jethro points to the crowd one last time as the blacktop view on the big screen seemingly flies through the screen, showing that Jethro considers those fans in attendance friends.(it goes back to the very first line in the first verse). Jethro turns to face the entrance ramp, raising his head up so that he can see it clearly.

Eric Emerson: And his opponent, hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin…

Matthew Engel steps out from behind the curtains as one of the moving spotlights shines down on him. He is in his usual dark green tuxedo, with the World Title around his waist. The magnificent voice of Axl Rose comes to life.

"Please allow me to introduce myself..
I'm a man of wealth and taste.

I've been around for a long, long year..
Stole many a man's soul and faith."

The crowd gets on their feet, but most of them are booing the former World Champion. Engel begins to make his way down to the ring.

Eric Emerson: He stands six feet tall and weighs in tonight at 210 pounds...

"Pleased to meet you.. hope you guess my name
But what's puzzling you is the nature of my game."

Engel remains focused on the ring, and reaches the steel steps. He ascends onto the apron, and climbs into the ring between the top and middle ropes.

"I watched with glee..
While your kings and queens..
Fought for ten decades..
For the Gods they made."

Eric Emerson: He is the reigning PWA Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World... he is MATTHEW.. "VIRUS"... ENGEL!!!!

"Just as every cop is a criminal..
and all the sinners.. saints..
as heads is tails, just call me Lucifer..
'cause I'm in need of some restraint.

So if you meet me..
have some courtesy..
have some sympathy..
and some taste.

Use all your well learned politesse
or I'll lay your soul to waste."

Engel has removed his jacket, tie, and dress shirt, revealing his standard white undershirt. He begins to stretch in the ring and prepare himself for the match.


Engel and Hayes circle each other in the ring. Engel lashes out first and nails Hayes with a right hook. Engel bullrushes Hayes into the ropes, but Hayes locks on with a headlock. Engel shoves Hayes across the ring into the ropes, and Hayes comes back with a shoulder tackle, taking down Engel. Hayes goes into the ropes and comes down with a big elbow drop. Hayes lands a few stomps on Engel and then gets him to his feet. Hayes grabs Engel by the head and slams him face-first into the turnbuckle. Engel staggers back, and Hayes tries for a clothesline, but Engel ducks. Hayes turns around and gets met with a painful kick to the face from Engel. Hayes staggers back and then Engel takes him down to the mat with a dropkick. Engel springboards off the middle rope and connects with a moonsault.

Hayes charges at Engel, but Engel slides away and grabs Hayes' ankle, tripping him up. Engel quickly drops an elbow on Hayes' neck. He does it again, and then goes off the second rope and connects with a guillotine legdrop. Engel stomps Hayes in the chest and backs up for a moment. Hayes begins to move, and Engel hits Hayes with another stomp and a stare. The stare hurts more.

Brian Rentfro: Engel not letting Hayes have ANY breathing room, just like he said Jon!

Jon McDaniel:: Hayes isn't going to give in with stomps and stares, Brian!

Hayes gets back to his feet. He cracks his neck, and nods. Hayes and Engel lock up, but Hayes is quick to land an elbow to Engel's side. Hayes follows it up with some hard knees to the stomach and hits a neckbreaker on Engel. Hayes flies into the ropes and comes back with a body splash.

Engel is to his feet. Hayes checks him with a quick right, and follows it up with a jaw-breaking left hook. Engel stumbles back and Hayes tries for a running lariat, but Engel ducks underneath him. Hayes turns around towards Engel and Engel comes at him with a side kick, but Hayes catches Engel's foot. Engel tries for the enziguri, but Hayes dodges. Engel crashes to the mat and Hayes is right on him for another assault. He unchambers lefts and rights, and then gets Engel to his feet. Hayes takes him down with a quick hip toss, but Engel is to his feet. Hayes spears him into the corner.

Jon McDaniel:: That's gotta hurt! Engel looks in a lot of pain.

Hayes runs to the opposite corner. He raises his right arm for the crowd and the crowd gives him a good pop. He charges towards Engel and tries for an elbow smash.

And misses.

Hayes connects with the turnbuckle as Engel dodges at the last second. Engel wraps Hayes up at the neck and head from behind and drops him to the mat with a reverse DDT. Engel gets to his feet and starts violently kicking Hayes. Engel goes into the ropes and comes back with a high-elevation knee drop across Hayes' forehead. Hayes grabs his head in pain and Engel shouts at him. Engel gets Hayes to his feet and shoves him into the turnbuckle. Engel springboards off the middle rope, twisting in midair and extends his left leg toward Jethro. Engel catches Hayes in the jaw with his foot and Hayes falls to the mat.

Hayes to his feet. Engel starts to give him some lip, but there's too much of it as Hayes takes him down with a haymaker. Hayes grabs Engel's arm and rushes toward the turnbuckle. Hayes hits a tornado cross arm breaker on Engel. Still holding on to Engel's arm, he rings him up and attempts to kick Engel in the back of the head. Engel telegraphs it and ducks, grabbing his leg and taking him down to the mat. Engel is up and Hayes gets to his feet. Engel kicks Hayes low and uses Hayes leverage to nail him with a single-arm DDT.

Hayes is a bit groggy now as he gets to his feet. Engel wraps his arms around Hayes' head and then plants his own head under Hayes' jaw. Engel quickly drops to his knees, hitting a huge jaw-breaker on Hayes. He doesn't go for a cover, but flies into the ropes. He connects with High Voltage on top of Hayes. Hayes cringes and begins to gasp for air. Engel is up to his feet. He lands a few stomps, and gets Hayes up to his feet. Engel drags him over to the corner, accidentally giving Hayes enough time to catch his breath. Hayes slams his elbow into Engel's stomach and then hooks up Engel with a front facelock. He puts Engel's arm over his head and then cradles Engel's left leg. He hits Engel with a big-time fisherman's suplex

Engel starts coughing and gasping for air himself. Hayes hits a soccer kick on him, and gets him to his feet. Hayes sends him into the ropes and telegraphs a clothesline. He connects this time and sends Engel to the canvas. Hayes climbs to the top rope. He gets a cheap pop from the crowd. He flies off and connects with a legdrop over Engel's throat.

However Engel is up to his feet as Hayes grins. Hayes lashes out, but Engel dodges it and wraps Hayes up in a hammerlock. Engel dishes out some brutal forearm shots to Hayes's back and neck and then kicks out the back of his knee. Hayes is down to one knee and Engel steps back and unleashes a really hard kick into Hayes' neck. Hayes falls to the mat and Engel is on the attack. He hits Hayes with multiple forearm shots and punches. He gets Hayes up to his feet and lands a huge ace cutter. Engel stomps away at Hayes, and then brings Hayes up to his feet. Engel whips Hayes into the ropes and connects with a perfectly timed dropkick!

Brian Rentfro: Engel is up to the top rope now… are you ready for this Jon!?

Jon McDaniel:: Engel leaps off!!

Engel connects with the Euthanasia, crushing Jethro! Engel bounces up to his feet, and requests a microphone. A microphone is tossed to him by the staff. Engel shoves the microphone in Jethro’s face, yelling at him to give up.

Jethro Hayes: NO THANKS!

Engel grins and smacks Jethro in the head with the microphone. Engel goes up to the top rope once more, his back to the ring.

Jon McDaniel:: Not again!

Brian Rentfro: Do it Matt! Make history!

Engel leaps off with the Euthanasia, but lands on Jethro’s knees! Engel is holding his chest and stomach in pain, and Jethro manages to get up to his feet with the help from the ropes. Jethro gives Engel another kick to the ribs, and then another. He brings Engel up to his feet and whips him to the ropes. Hayes picks Engel up on the return for a powerslam, but drives Engel’s back into both of his knees! Jethro doesn’t quit as he gives Engel a stomp the chest again, and then brings him back up to his feet. Hayes delivers a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Engel and then goes into the ropes. Hayes comes down with a splash on Engel crushing those ribs again. Hayes is up to his feet and puts Engel in the Combine Seat!

Jon McDaniel:: The Combine Seat! He’s gotta make Engel say it!

Brian Rentfro: Never, Jon!

Engel is in a lot of pain as Hayes brings the sharpshooter back even harder. The referee has got the microphone up to Engel’s face, and Engel is shaking his head no. Hayes yells at the referee, the mic picks up the audio.

Jethro Hayes: ASK HIM! NOW!

The referee obliges. What do you say, Engel?

Matthew Engel: FUCK YOU!

Engel says with anger and pain…he’s trying to get out of the submission move Jethro has him in, but Jethro has got it locked in hard. However, Engel snatches the microphone out of the ref’s hand and uses the blunt end of it to smash Jethro’s right knee! Engel keeps pulverizing Hayes with that microphone and Hayes is trying to fight the pain so he can keep Engel in the position he is in.

Jon McDaniel:: Jesus, Engel is beating Hayes badly in the knee with that microphone…he could do some serious damage!

Brian Rentfro: Then Hayes should let go and realize Engel won’t give up!

Engel is slowly fading and hitting Hayes less and less. Finally, Engel…passes out from the pain.

Jon McDaniel:: Oh man. That’s not good.

Brian Rentfro: Crap! Get off him, Hayes! You can’t make him say it when he’s unconscious!

Hayes realizes what’s going on, and releases the hold. Hayes brings deadweight Engel up to his feet and presses him against the ropes, slapping his face to try to wake him.

Jon McDaniel:: What..uh..what happens if Engel doesn’t wake up?

Brian Rentfro: Then the time limit expires and it’s a draw?

Jon McDaniel:: I suppose. We should have been a little more organized here, especially with how far these two are willing to go.

But Engel wakes up after being slapped a fifth time and in a fit of confusion and rage, he slams his foot right into the groin area of Jethro Hayes, who falls to the mat with a blue face. Engel stumbles back and lays against the turnbuckles, not sure what the fuck just happened. Hayes tries to get up to his feet, shaking off the kick to the balls he just got. Hayes tries for the Plow in the corner, but Engel dodges at the last second and Hayes connects with the ringpost. Engel slips out of the ring and grabs a steel chair from underneath the ring. Hayes peels himself out of the corner as Engel gets back in the ring. Engel nails Hayes in the back with the steel chair, but that only seemed to anger him. Hayes turns around with his eyes wide in a fury and gives Engel a kick to the gut. Hayes hits The Planter on Engel, nearly sending him through the ring! Hayes falls to a knee from the momentum and impact. Engel looks damn near dead – that was the Planter to end all Planters.

Jon McDaniel:: I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jethro slam anyone that hard.

Brian Rentfro: Me either, Jon.

Jethro grabs the steel chair and slams it into Engel’s bad right knee. Engel screams out in pain, and Hayes requests another microphone. He shoves it into Engel’s face, asking him once more to give up.

Jethro Hayes: Just say it, Matt. Don’t make me end your career.

Engel shakes his head.

Matthew Engel: Do it! You fucking hick!

Hayes shakes his head and slams the chair into Matt’s bad knee two more times. He asks Matt again.

Jethro Hayes: Well?!

Engel shakes his head, biting his bottom lip trying to hold in the pain, but it’s damn near unbearable. Engel is rolling around the ring, and even trying to get up with the help from the ropes. Jethro slams the chair into his knee once more and Engel topples, his screams echoing throughout the arena. Jethro slams the chair again and again!

Jon McDaniel:: Okay, wow. This is getting bad, Brian. Why the hell doesn’t Engel give up?

Brian Rentfro: Because he can’t! He wants to win this more than anything!

Engel finally rolls out of the ring, falling the floor. Jethro chases him, climbing out of the ring to the outside. Engel takes his good leg and kicks Jethro in the gut a few times, and then literally uppercuts Jethro with a toe kick. Engel buys some time to crawl up to his feet, now having a bit of a limp due to Jethro’s attack on his bad knee. Engel ducks under a running lariat attempt from Jethro and manages to roundhouse Jethro right in the jaw with his good leg. Engel falls to a knee though, and then uses the steel steps to get back up to his feet.

Jon McDaniel:: Unbelievable Brian. Engel took a hellacious beating to his bad knee, and he’s still fighting back.

Brian Rentfro: The stakes can’t get any higher than this, Jon.

Jon McDaniel:: Wow, really?

Brian Rentfro: Come on, I couldn’t go the whole time without saying it!

Engel picks the steel steps up and throws them at Hayes, hitting Hayes right in the head! Hayes falls to the ground and his face is busted wide open! The crowd is going crazy, cheers for these two PWA legends split down the middle.

Crowd: VI-RUS! VI-RUS!


Engel delivers a few stomps with his good leg to Hayes’ face. He manages to bring Hayes up to his feet, still favoring his right knee. He slams Hayes into the ringpost and Hayes’ cut is spread open even more. Engel goes to throw a haymaker but Hayes blocks it and headbutts Engel! Jethro kicks Engel low in the gut, and then delivers a pump-handle slam to Engel on TOP OF THE BARRICADE!

Brian Rentfro: GOOD GOD! Engel’s spine’s gotta be snapped in half!

Jon McDaniel:: Jesus. How the hell are these two going to be partners after this match?

Brian Rentfro: It’s not personal, Jon. It’s about the glory! The title! Being the top man in the company. Nobody wants it more than these two!

Engel fell to the crowd side of the barricade, holding his back in terrible pain. Hayes climbs over the barricade and begins to stomp and throw punches into Engel. He brings Engel up to his feet and GERMAN SUPLEXES ENGEL BACK OVER THE BARRICADE AND INTO THE BLOODIED STEEL STEPS! Engel’s head bounces off the steel steps and he lies there, nearly motionless. He’s screaming in pain, and Hayes climbs back over the barricade, blood gushing down his face. He signals for the referee, who has managed to keep hold of a microphone. He demands he shoves it in Engel’s face.

Jethro Hayes: GIVE UP MATT!

The crowd is cheering for their champion.

Matthew Engel: Nev…never. NEVER YOU FUCKER!

Engel slams his right fist into Jethro’s jaw and Jethro stumbles back. Engel tries to crawl up to his feet, and Jethro attempts to punt Engel in the head but Engel rolls out of the way just in time. Engel gets to his feet and we can see the blood coming out of the back of his head. Engel gives Jethro an uppercut and knee to the ribs combo, then clotheslines him to the floor! Engel is amped up now and the crowd is getting behind him.

Jon McDaniel:: No one is in their seat – this is it, folks. This is about as good as it gets, two men who are willing to die to be the World Champion.

Brian Rentfro: I hope it’s that damn redneck!

Jon McDaniel:: I hope it’s neither, I was just expressing how far they’ve been willing to go.

Engel reaches for something underneath a ring…it’s a baseball bat! He has an idea immediately and jumps on top of Hayes who is still on the ground. Engel is shoving the baseball bat into Hayes’ throat, demanding he give up! The referee gets down with the microphone, asking Jethro if he wants to say it. Jethro keeps shaking his head as the crowd is damn near deafening. Engel presses the bat into Hayes’ throat even harder, we can catch Engel’s audio on the mic.


Hayes shakes his head again, but his face is beginning to turn blue.

Brian Rentfro: Why doesn’t that big idiot just give up?!

Jon McDaniel:: The same reasons why Engel never will. Why did these fans think this was a good idea?!

Hayes starts to come back to life, and manages to overpower one side of the baseball bat on Engel. Hayes’ strength is obviously greater than Engel’s, and he manages to smack the barrel of the bat against the side of Engel’s head! Engel rolls off of Hayes, dazed from the hit. Hayes goes to hit a homerun on Engel, but Engel gives Hayes a kick to the knee Engel was beating on before. Hayes nearly topples over, falling to a knee; Engel kicks Hayes right in the face, but Hayes refuses to go down. Engel knocks the bat out of Hayes’ right hand and jumps at his throat.

Brian Rentfo: Engel’s got that arm trap triangle choke locked in on Hayes!

Jon McDaniel:: That’s the same move he beat Katie James with.

Brian Rentfro: It’s the same move he won the World Title in March with!

Engel and Hayes go to the floor as Hayes tries to fight back, but Engel has got the hold locked in tight. Hayes is struggling to breathe, but the pain is worse than the suffocation right now. All the brutality he has endured and Hayes feels helpless. He doesn’t know if he can hold out. The referee brings the mic up to his mouth.

Matthew Engel: Just…just fucking say it, man. You’ve made your point.

Hayes shakes his head, trying to muscle out of the hold, but Engel has got it locked in extremely well and Hayes barely has the strength to move. He knows it’s time.

Jethro Hayes: I’m…sorry…

Hayes looks up and can see some of the crowd near him. He closes his eyes, nearly facing paralysis and a career-threatening injury. For the sake of his well-being and fans, he decides it’s time.

Jethro Hayes: I…quit…


Engel lets go of the hold immediately as the bell sounds. Hayes is nearly passed out, struggling to breathe.

Eric Emerson: And the winner of this match… STILL your PWA Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion… MATTHEW “VIRUS” ENGEL!!!!

Engel rises to his feet, the crowd is going apeshit crazy. The referee hands Engel his World Champion. Engel’s back, chest, and some of his face are covered in blood. Jethro Hayes from face to stomach is covered in blood.

Jon McDaniel:: These two men went to the depths of hell, and only one came out the winner.

Brian Rentfro: And it was Matthew Engel, Jon. Don’t forget that.

Jon McDaniel:: I won’t, neither will anyone else. This was a historic match…and I just hope these two can still represent the PWA as community tag team champions after this brutal, devastating match up.

EMTs come down to the ring, immediately going towards Jethro because the EMTs have a bad history with Engel. Engel begins to limp away, however, as the EMTs put Jethro on a stretcher. Engel is limping up the rampway, covered in blood and sweat. He turns around as Jethro is being worked on before they wheel him away. He doesn’t look like a man who has made history for himself and kept his championship; he looks regretful and full of despair.

Jon McDaniel:: Engel doesn’t seem too pleased, Brian.

Brian Rentfro: It’s hard to imagine Engel has grown a sense of fondness towards Jethro in their loose tag team partnership. He’s grotesque, Jon!

Jon McDaniel:: But no one has pushed Engel so far and for so long inside the ring, Brian. No one.


Jon McDaniel:: Wow, that brought back a lot of memories!

Brian Rentfro: Made me remember Jethro wasn’t one for showering.

Jon McDaniel:: Neither did you from 2015 to last week. Anyways at least in that match Engel didn’t act like a child like he did 20 minutes ago! Anyways it’s main event time!

Brian Rentfro: Oh man, Lisa Seldon scares the shit out of me....

Main Event
Izzie McDee versus Lisa Fucking Seldon
Standard Match
Time Limit: 20 Minutes

In the ring, announcer Eric Emerson and referee Lance Watson are gearing up to start the headliner. The camera pans over the crowd and picks up a few signs – “LoCo For Lisa!” (there’s a throwback for you), “I’m Here For JoJo!”, and something about 5G mobile phone signals that gets quickly blurred out. Down at ringside, McDaniel and Rentfro are in place and ready to call it.

Jon McDaniel:: We’re getting ready for the main event here in Las Vegas and what a match-up it promises to be. The veteran, Lisa Seldon, a former AOWF World and Tag Team champion, a former PWA Tag Team champion, and a woman who many consider to be one of the most influential and successful female competitors in all of professional wrestling. Taking on the newcomer, Izzie McDee, whose industry pedigree is second to none – the biological daughter of the current AOWF World Champion, Marcus “Showtime” Ambrose, and the adopted daughter of one of the most decorated champions in AOWF history, Dustin “Thunderwolf” Kelser. A lot of weight and expectations on this young woman’s shoulders – can she achieve what would surely be one of the biggest upsets that PWA has ever seen?

Brian Rentfro: It’s going to be one heck of a catfight, Jon!

Jon McDaniel:: Honestly, Brian, why do you even bother?

Brian Rentfro: What? What did I say?

Emerson takes his place in the middle of the ring.

Eric Emerson: Ladies and gentlemen, live from Las Vegas, Nevada, it’s time for our main event of the evening!

A hush quiets the arena before actress and vocalist Taylor Momsen whispers across the PA-system “Don't bless me father for I have sinned.” The guitar line soon follows…

Eric Emerson: Introducing first…

“Going to Hell” by The Pretty Reckless fires to life over the PA system as the camera cuts off to the entry way where a single golden spotlight dances and reverberates to the bass of the song. After a few moments pass - Izzie McDee, better known as Sarah Kelser to most, steps out onto the stage in debonair fashion. Izzie’s ring gear starts out with a pair of Oakley aviators - golden frame, and gold in tint, a gift from a certain trainer. A skin-tight, golden tank bearing a black logo of none other than Thunderwolf, a black lace choker adorning her neck. Black and white tassels are tied tight around her upper bicep to help accent her oiled-up muscles. Moving down, she has on a pair of tight, black leather capri pants – with golden accents and “McDee” across her bottom. White Chuck Taylor’s finish off the attire.

Eric Emerson: Hailing from Manhattan Beach, California…

As she hits the top of the ramp she kicks a leg out to the side and leans, flexing a muscle with a kiss as a monkey comes spiraling out from the back to join her up on her shoulder. The children in attendance get a little excited at the notion, as well as the faithfuls – but everyone else is left pretty clueless as to who this is, unless of course you were a fan of the original PWA. The McDee name garners a little bit of reaction, but not enough to be relevant. She skips casually down the ramp air slapping hands with a few fans (COVID-19 and all). JoJo The Wonder Monkey does the same. The spotlight follows them the whole way to the ring.

Eric Emerson: Standing at five-feet, nine inches and weighing in at One-Hundred, Sixty Pounds… IZZIE MCDEE!

As she rolls under the bottom rope and kips to her feet – she automatically drops into an Electro Shuffle, which once again, gets all the Fortnite loving kids in attendance up to their feet. She hits the hot step to perfection and points to the heavens. She takes a bow and heads to her corner… then looks out to the crowd, scanning for any familiar faces. She sees her twin siblings, Hannah and Chance, front and center. As well as a few other family members. Those piercing blue-eyes of the devil, however; nowhere in sight.

Eric Emerson: And her opponent…

“Fear of Dying” blasts out over the speakers; a thunderous flurry that soon draws Lisa out to the stage. Lisa steps out, drops to her knees and throws both arms out at her sides, pulling some applause from the crowd.

Eric Emerson: From Glasgow, Scotland and weighing in tonight at one-hundred and thirty pounds…

Lisa pops back up and saunters down to the ring, beaming a smile as she takes her time with it. Never breaking her stride she hops up onto the apron, leans back to shoot a wink into the nearest camera and then hops up over the ropes.

Eric Emerson: She is the former Alliance of Wrestling Federations World Champion… She is – LISA SELDON!

She lands with her arms out stretched and does a little spin for good measure. She then takes her corner and hops up for a seat on the top turnbuckle. Lance Watson checks over both competitors and instructs them to have a good, clean fight. McDee warms up with a few capoeira steps and slides, while the veteran hops down off the turnbuckle and does a few basic stretches of her own.


Straight off the bell, Seldon advances on McDee so quickly that Lance Watson barely manages to get out of the way. The rookie anticipates a collar-and-elbow tie-up, but instead catches a brutally stiff kick to the thigh that has her hobbling back into the ropes. Seldon follows up with another sharp kick before whipping McDee across the ring and looking for a shoulder back toss, it’s telegraphed though and McDee manages to baseball slide between her legs and pop back up into a run for the opposite ropes. On the rebound McDee looks for a spear but Seldon leap frogs her and takes off running herself. Both women hit opposite ropes and come back at each at full tilt. They collide but the veteran shows greater resilience and floors McDee with a shoulder block.

Jon McDaniel:: An athletic showing from both women at the outset here.

Brian Rentfro: You know, McDee’s actually pretty hot, not sure where she’s getting those genes from.

Jon McDaniel:: Shut up, Brian.

Seldon drags McDee up by her hair and hooks her up for a suplex. McDee shows some ring presence and manages to push free before firing off a chop to Seldon’s chest that knocks her back a step. Lisa grimaces for a second which then changes to a grin, she wags her finger at the rookie who responds with another chop, this one with a bit more force behind it. Lisa shakes off the pain and appears to gesture at McDee to give her “one more”. McDee looks a little phased but obliges, this third even hard than the previous two, making an audible crack on impact. It clearly stings quite a bit and Seldon looks like she’s going to walk it off, but then suddenly fires back with a blistering chop of her own that has McDee yelping in pain and Lisa laughing.

Jon McDaniel:: A brave move for McDee to get into a striking contest with Lisa, and she’s feeling the consequences.

Unlike Lisa, Izzie doesn’t seem to see the funny side and channels some real anger into another chop. By now the crowd have gotten the idea and each strike gets the customary “Whoo!” Seldon fires back again, getting another yelp from McDee, whose chest has already begun to flare up red, but also earning another chop in response. The pace quickens and the two women begin to trade chops back and forth, faster and faster, until finally McDee goes for broke with a roaring elbow. She’s a bit too slow on the rotation, however, and Lisa has time to fire off another kick to the thigh that drops McDee to one knee.

Jon McDaniel:: The veteran gets the better of the exchange and now McDee could be in trouble!

Seldon hits the ropes and comes back looking for a sliding dropkick, but McDee still has the presence of mind to throw herself clear, causing Seldon to slide out under the bottom rope and down to the floor. McDee pushes back up to her feet as quickly as she can and scrambles up the turnbuckle launching off with a crossbody dive to the outside and onto Seldon who has just made it to her feet, sending both women tumbling across the arena floor. Eager to capitalise, McDee pulls herself up using the apron and then forces Lisa up and into the ring. She slides in and goes for an early cover…


Lisa throws up the shoulder before the two and is already working her way to her feet, shaking her head.

Brian Rentfro: It’s going to take more than that, baby.

McDee wants to keep the momentum going and grabs a handful of Lisa’s hair to pull her up to a standing base. She throws a quick knee to the breadbasket and then hooks and lifts Lisa up, but the veteran sandbags and comes back down with enough momentum to plant her feet and reverse, bringing McDee all the way up to full vertical and then spiking her down for a huge pop.

Jon McDaniel:: Brainbuster!

Lisa hooks the leg…



McDee kicks out.

Jon McDaniel:: McDee is still in this thing!

Seldon is on full offensive now and forces McDee back up quickly. She whips her into the turnbuckle before charging in with a jumping knee strike. McDee staggers out to the middle of the ring and Seldon moves in from behind to hook her up and take her over with a release German suplex that dumps McDee on the back of her head. Seldon goes for another cover…



McDee kicks out again. Seldon takes a minute to plan her next move, before popping to her feet and climbing out on the apron. McDee is still on her back in the centre of the ring, looking dazed. Lisa jumps up onto the ropes and springboards off looking for a back splash but Izzie rolls clear just in time, leaving the veteran to crash land on her back.

Jon McDaniel:: Nobody home!

Seldon has had the wind knocked out her and McDee sees her opening. She unceremoniously drags Lisa to her feet and then bends her double with a toe kick. Moving around her, the rookie throws a leg over and then leaps up to wrap Lisa into an octopus hold.

Jon McDaniel:: She calls this The Kraken!

Seldon is not enjoying this hold, which clearly hurts a great deal. The referee moves in and starts asking her if she wants to give up, only to be told to “fuck right off” from between McDee’s vice-like legs. McDee leans back hard into the hold, howling for Seldon to quit.

Brian Rentfro: Not the first time that Lisa has found herself caught between a lady’s th--…

Jon McDaniel:: Shut up, Brian!

Lisa starts to stagger slightly and the referee keeps a close eye. McDee leans back again and this time Seldon drops down to one knee. A ripple of excitement passes through the crowd. McDee leans back a third time and Seldon goes down onto both knees, her outstretched arms beginning to droop. Smelling blood, Izzie suddenly twists sideways and takes the hold down onto the canvas, with Lisa on her back.

Jon McDaniel:: We could be about to see a dramatic upset here!

Seldon’s shoulders touch the canvas and the referee drops down for a count…



Lisa pushes her shoulders up with a howl of pain. This effort actually seems to revive her a little, and she begins to stretch out her arm and slide her body across the mat. McDee sees the problem and presses down, but Seldon is determined and starts to claw and drag her way towards the ropes. The crowd get behind the veteran and start clapping their support.

Jon McDaniel:: The fans rallying behind the veteran, but can she make it out?

After what seems like an eternity, Lisa’s fingers touch the bottom rope and the referee forces the break. McDee doesn’t wait to see how fast her opponent can recover and instead takes a big handful of hair and drags Lisa back towards the middle of the ring. Pulling her back to her feet, Izzie motions to the crowd that “it’s over” before suddenly snapping Seldon over with a textbook Tiger Suplex. She bridges for the pin…




Jon McDaniel:: No! She kicked out!

The referee confirms that the match is still on. McDee slaps the canvas with frustration. Back on her feet she grabs another handful of Lisa’s hair and starts to pull her up for more punishment, but the veteran surprises her with a cradle roll-up…


McDee kicks out almost immediately, but the disorientation is what Seldon needs as she springs to her feet and runs across the ring, coming back on the rebound with a dropkick right to the face of the seated rookie. With her opponent downed, Lisa rolls clear and out under the bottom rope to recover at ringside.

Jon McDaniel:: Lisa showing the experience advantage, but you’ve got to wonder how much that submission hold took out of her?

McDee rolls over onto her stomach and spits some blood onto the canvas. Meanwhile, Seldon leans against the guardrail and tries to shake loose the cobwebs. A few fans try to press closer to touch her, but security keep them suitably socially distanced. Finally, seeing Izzie start to press back up to her feet, Lisa climbs back on the apron and waits with her hands on the top-rope. As McDee reaches a standing base, Lisa hops up and takes flight with a beautiful corkscrew missile dropkick that finds it mark and gets a big pop from the crowd.

Brian Rentfro: BOOM! Air freighted right into her face!

No cover attempt, instead Seldon is straight back up and (wo)manhandling McDee back up as well. Slapping on a Muay-Thai clinch she starts to throw savage knee strikes into McDee, who shows some intelligent defence but who is ultimately out-gunned and starts to go limp in the clinch. A final hard knee bends McDee up and Lisa follows-up with her signature Fisherman’s Driver.

Jon McDaniel:: Evil Dead!

The referee drops down to make the count…




A pop as Izzie somehow manages to kick out. Lisa looks genuinely surprised, but doesn’t pause too long to reflect. Pulling McDee to her feet she fires her off into the ropes and then catches her on the rebound for the sequel – Evil Dead II. McDee’s head bounces off the canvas and Lisa confidently makes the pin…




Jon McDaniel:: What?!

A huge pop as McDee somehow still manages to kick out. Lisa climbs to her feet, a little more slowly than before, and looks down at the rookie with unmistakable respect. McDee, visibly broken but unwilling to quit, rolls over onto her stomach and begins to push herself up with her forearms. Lisa shakes her head and mouths, “this bitch”, before backing up a couple of steps and sizing Izzie up for an unmistakable coup de gras.

Jon McDaniel:: She’s going for the Manopener!

Brian Rentfro: You mean wo-manopener…

Jon McDaniel:: Shut up, Brian.

McDee makes it up onto one knee and Seldon sees her moment, letting loose with a furious roundhouse kick that…

Jon McDaniel:: NO!

… just misses it’s mark, as McDee tumbles sideways in a modified capoeira roll that manages to bring the rookie out of harms’ way and up to her feet on other side of the ring. The crowd are going nuts. Lisa leaps back up and squares off. McDee throws her hands up in a defensive posture, looking momentarily ready to go again, but her eyes start to glaze and she stumbles, catching the ropes for balance.

Brian Rentfro: She’s out on her feet.

Jon McDaniel:: But she’s still got fight left in her, you’ve got to respect that!

Seldon stares at her for a moment, nodding slightly as though reaching the same conclusion, and then moves in for the kill again. She charges McDee who somehow still has the presence of mind to side-step, but this proves the opening that Lisa anticipates as the veteran leaps onto the ropes and back at Izzie, landing on her shoulders and flipping her over with a devastating spike hurricanrana.

Jon McDaniel:: Killa-cana-rama!

She presses down hard for the pin…





The crowd erupts. Jack Off Jill starts up over the p.a. Both women lay motionless on the canvas, breathing heavily.

Jon McDaniel:: And as perhaps many expected, Lisa Seldon, the former AOWF World Champion, picks up the win here tonight but let’s just take a minute to talk about Izzie McDee – what heart, what resilience, what raw talent, we’ve seen from this young woman here tonight. Taking on inarguably one of the best in the business, in one of her first professional matches, and giving it her all!

Brian Rentfro: She can take a pounding, I’ll give her that.

Jon McDaniel:: Real classy… and speaking of classy, look at this!

Back in the ring, Lisa has made it to her feet and is, much to everyone’s surprise, helping her opponent to do the same. Izzie doesn’t seem to know what’s going on and for a moment tries to push Lisa away, but Lisa persists and finally both women stand face to face in the middle of the ring, getting a big cheer from the fans. Lisa gives Izzie a somewhat patronising but basically well-intentioned pat on the cheek and then grabs and raises her arm in the air for a huge pop.

Jon McDaniel:: What a show of respect from the AOWF legend! What a great finish to our show tonight and what a way to celebrate the return of the Pioneer Wrestling Association!

Brian Rentfro: Only slightly spoiled by the lingering smell of Jacob Seldon’s piss and vomit…

Jon McDaniel:: Shut. Up. Brian.

It’s a Bird... it’s a Plane...

The cool desert air is filled with the low hum of gossip amongst the few lucky fans who have been able to attend tonight’s show, as security begins motioning for them to start filing out slowly and safely. <font color=”#00FF40"><b>Brian Rentfro:</b></font> and What’s His Face McDaniel remove their headsets, all smiles with a show that went off without a hitch despite the pandemic looming over everyone these days. Lisa Seldon looks up at the sky as she is leaving ringside and shakes her head at the sight she can see in the distance.

Without warning, however, the low hum of the fans voices is cracked with the thunderous noise of whirring helicopter blades in the distance. Approaching at near break neck speed, to the fan who knows, it’s clear a Black Hawk Helicopter and is now circling overhead. Rentfro and McDaniel look at each other, mouths agape with confusion as someone from the ringside staff yells at them to put their headsets back on.

Brian Rentfro: Apparently we’re still on air?

Jon McDaniel:: What? The helicopter is too loud, can’t hear you Brian!

Brian Rentfro: What?

The Black Hawk hovers 30 feet above the ring, pushing the fans closest to ringside back from the power of her blades. Hats fly off their heads, cups fly out of their hands as everyone scrambles to take cover and hold onto their belongings. Security begins rushing towards ringside, but the Black Hawk helicopter immediately takes to similar crowd control maneuvers The President unleashed on protestors in Washington D.C. several weeks ago, knocking back those who come too close. Even our intrepid commentators at ringside are thrown to the ground in the chaos.

Jon McDaniel:: Wait a minute, you don’t think this is –

His headseat flies off his head as the Black Hawk finally settles again over the ring. As if on cue, “City of the Fallen” by Ashes begins to play over the speaker system. The crescendo begins to build with drums, and finally everyone at ringside is able to get their bearings as a flag unfurls from beneath the Black Hawk as the short piece of music hits its climax. The fans immediately erupt in a cacophony of screams, cheers and boos.