Lisa Seldon

"Don't worry, save your breath, I already know what you're thinking. It's the same thing I'm hearing from my fans, critics and hanging on the lips of every opponent I've ever faced.

"Lisa, this match is beneath you, why are you wasting your time on these two children?"

The scene bursts into life, and we're greeted to a splash as Calista Miller fires down a slide and tears through the water beneath.

Tonight we're hanging out by the pool, and its a work of art if she does say so herself, with slides and boards and a width that covers her entire backdoor. She used to have a garden but, well, you book a show in your garden and these things will happen.

She also got one of those little islands in the middle with a bar for her deadbeat drunken husband to live in when they're not talking. Being famous is awesome.

Lisa herself sits in a deck chair in what little space she has left around the edge, smiling as she sips on a fresh orange and lemonade. She's dressed for the weather in a shirt and shorts, floppy great sandals and a lazy, sunny smile through which she gently tips words across your screen.

"And you know what boys, they're right. In a career filled battling the kinds of names you've only ever seen on posters on your wall, right alongside mine I'm sure, jumping back into the game to fight either of you is perhaps the lowest thing I've ever done. Considering that you, Starr, are the name which has driven me to return, you're probably feeling quite important.

"I'm here to tell you... don't be."

And she takes another sip from her glass before setting it on the side.

"I'm not a director or a general manager. I'm a wrestler, through and through, and while I've proved to be a fairly competent little queen of the PWA, it doesn't particularly excite me.

"In truth, fucking with you is what gets me through the paper work - well, that and booking Riona Langly against strippers who make her their bitch - but again, it doesn't rock my world, just passes the time, and now I want a little something more. And while I certainly could have picked better, I doubt I could have picked anyone near as fun... nor would I be anywhere near as justified in doing so."

Lisa reaches up and flicks a pair of sunglasses over her eyes in catch the glare starting to reflect of the lens.

"Fact is, my fun with you has run its course. And it's time to let a little truth into the air."

Just out of shot another body hits the water as Alexis Sykes cannonballs into the pool before surfacing to splash Calista senseless. You'd never guess the two of them were in the middle of an on and off spat about whose name to take if everything works out in California.

You'd also never guess it was Alexis at all, what with these apparently unknown ability to interact with other human beings. Seemingly, some people just click with her.

"You're an idiot Starr. An idiot with idea so far above your worth, that the very idea that you weren't fit for another title shot, on top of your other and other title shot, was simply too much to take. And so you concocted an elaborate story in your head that painted you, not as a simpleton who tried and failed one too many times, utterly proving his value; which, by the way, lies somewhere near the naught; but as a victim of corporate corruption, plagued by a woman so violently hurt by what you did to her friend, that she went out of her way to destroy you.

"What a weight off your shoulders that must have been."

You can just make out her eyes rolling beneath the lenses.

"You weren't a loser. You weren't a man struck down one too many times to deserve another shot so soon. You were a man on the verge of victory, if you only had one more chance. And I wasn't a person just trying to push some new blood toward the top, but the woman intent on standing in the way of fate.

"You're a destined world champion, not at all a pitiful failure. No, not that at all."

She shakes her head and cracks a smile.

"But of course, that's everything you are, and three failed shots and a name change didn't fix that at all."

"You're a blight on this promotion. A screaming, ignorant, vile, little mess who proclaims each move for the good of the company, while failing to see that your incessant need to strung at the top of every card has done the PWA more harm than good. You've had your chance to shine three times over, yet each time you fall on your face. Since your last shot you've done nothing at all to prove that you deserve one more beyond begging for it.

"What's more, the entirety of your leverage, is the fact that when fighting Laura she hurt her leg a little more than she already had and that the current world champion is a woman you've never managed to beat.

"How that sets your world a light I'll never understand, but it does fuck all for me and I'm really the only one who counts."

She's cut off for a moment by some serious thrashing off to the side. One second Calista has Alexis submerged beneath the water and the next she's scooped up in her arms and launched into the air. And it's all getting a little touchy feely in the drink.

"Simply put, you're not ready, and for anyone else in your position that would be enough, yet you refuse point blank to accept it, thus forcing me to step in and do it myself.

"That's what this is, Luscious; it isn't me lashing out in anger, but asserting my authority with great personal care. If you wont accept your position in my world, then I'll beat you into it. I'll prove, once and for all, that this sports elite are so far beyond you that you barely even know who we are. And that the closest you'll ever come to greatness, will be when you kneel down and cower in my shadow, right before a single flash of brilliance splits a line down your skull. And that, will be the end of your rise to prominence under my banner."

She leans up on her arms and flashes us a sick little grin.

"In short, I will tame and humiliate you, and in a most elegant and destructive manner too, because there are few in this sport as effective as me. And if you thought Laura and her like were bad, then you're in for a treat. Because the wild and unskilled lashings of a Riona Langly haven't prepared you at all for, a fraction, of a level of what I can.

"She throws a neat elbow, while I strip days out of your life, one shot at a time. All technically accurate and vicious beyond compare."

And all the fun and games suddenly drag to a halt as Alexis gets Calista braced up against the pool wall and takes a mouthful; because apparently they're not fighting anymore.

Lisa takes a look at them over the rims of her glasses and wonders just what the neighbours are going to think this time.

She regains her composure just in time to carry on.

"And everyone else? Well, they're just here for fun.

"Scotty and I go way back to the HiC, where VDP ran that company up and down the card - and not in the nicely nice way that I do either. No, in fact, for months on end we did little more than break people, and for one night only we will again. And while I just want to maim and belittle a few people, he's got great and unholy suffering on his mind.

"And sure, he says he's come for Danielson this time, but can you ever really be sure? I know if a man so placeless as you put a hand on one of my girls, I'd have you bleeding on the ends of my fists everyday for the rest of your incredibly short life. And of the two of us, I think I'm probably the nice one.

"Comparatively at least."

She shrugs it off real quick and turns to the next.

"Danielson? Well, he's here to make up the numbers, and if he's smart he'll miss his flight that day and forget this match ever came up.

"Call it a test if you will, because when I spoke to him a couple weeks back, he seemed nice, even if a little simple in the head, and I'd hate for a bright young mind like that to get caught up in everyone else's shit. But if he insists, then that's a pity, and he'll go down like everyone else."

Noises out of shot tell her she wants to get this over quick and retreat back home. The open display of affection was never really her thing, and so she struggles greatly not to take a look to her right.

"I guess we'll wrap this up. and I'll say thank you Starr for being one of the few making this job worth doing in the time we shared. And commiserations that our partnership ended so bloody, when I put you right back in the bed Laura laid you in before.

"And to Danielson; think hard. You claim your loyalties are to your friend; but wonder a little more if its really the right thing to do. Is it worth getting in the way and losing all manner of teeth and fluids, for someone else's asinine crusade to a belt he hasn't a hope of ever taking, when you could be doing something with so much more worth to its life than this... like not having my heel rip through your skull, in the most Vulgar Display of Power I've made in this company to date.

"Oh, and Scotty Please don't kill anyone, we're not insured for it and I need you to help carry my next show."

And she shoots us a wide smile  before throwing her arms back behind her head. She takes a lie down and we get the impression we're no longer needed, and so the camera begins to fade out.

She gives her thanks to God that neither of them threw a garment into shot, and then makes a hasty exit as soon as the coast is clear.

We leave our two love birds to the night.

*** *** ***